Bachelor Pad Finale Spoilers!

According to Bachelor Blogger, Reality, here is what happens on the season finale of Bachelor Pad.

Bachelor Pad Finale Spoiler Alert!

Who takes the Hot Seat: Kasey apologizes to Jake and they hug on stage. Blake returns to talk about crazy Melissa and his love for Holly. Rumor has it that Blake Julian and Holly Durst are actually engaged. In pure Bachelor drama, Michael is told for the first time that Holly and Blake are engaged. Poor Michael. "At some point during this is when Michael finds out Holly is engaged to Blake. Michael did not know. He knew Holly was moving to South Carolina, but she never told him (I guess she tried but couldn’t get a hold of him), and Michael is told that they’re engaged. He’s pretty surprised."

The final two couples are: 
Michelle Money and Graham Bunn
Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano

The previous Bachelor contestants come back to vote for their favorite couple. Rumor has it that the winners are... Michael and Holly, who awkwardly have to split the $250,000.

Watch for Ben Flajnik to make an appearance as he is named the next Bachelor (January 2012).

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