The Bachelor: What Happened to Casey Shteamer?

Bachelor Spoiler Alert!

According to The Bachelor preview, it seems something happens to Casey S. to make her leave the show. So what happens to Casey Shteamer? According to Reality Steve, it seems that Casey S might have an ex-boyfriend who wants her back. The boyfriend's name is Michael Patak, CEO ofTopStepTrader in Chicago. Reality Steve wrote on his blog this week: "Would’ve been nice if Casey would’ve filled Ben in on Michael Patak, the guy that plenty of people told me she was seeing before she left for the show and it was well known. Of course, I had her other friends who said they were ‘on a break.’ Uh huh. How much you wanna bet Casey and Michael are back together either now or in the very near future? I’m sorry, but if someone goes on this show while ‘on a break,’ then when they get back from filming they’re back together with that person, they were never broken up."

Seems like another Bachelorette has a Bachelor secret! Producers must love this!

Photo: Reality Steve 

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