Bachelor Pad: Is Holly Durst and Blake Julian Engaged?

Is it over for Bachelor Pad couple Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano? According to this website, Holly is looking elsewhere for love. According to the site, Holly is now dating fellow Bachelor Padder, Blake Julian and the two are getting serious. “Holly has made no secret about the fact that they are in love and going to get married,” revealed the insider, and luckily, “Blake feels as strongly as she does.” Bachelor Producer, Robert Mills also says: “I can’t tell you where the romance sparks but I can tell you there may be engagement on our finale."

Now the question remains: Who gets engaged in the Bachelor Pad finale? Is it Vienna and Kasey or is Holly and Blake engaged? Is it even a real engagement, given the Bachelor Pad finale ends up in Las Vegas? Here's what Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve, has to say: Holly goes on two dates with Michael early in the season, they make out, then by the end of the show she’s having an overnight date with another guy. Holly was tweeting yesterday about what I reported saying “I wish Reality Steve’s sources would jump off a bridge.” Great. Notice how she didn’t deny it. People saw them. Look, they had an overnight date on the show, Blake refuses an overnight with Erica obviously because he likes Holly, then after filming ends they attend a wedding together in LA. You do the math. Not hard to figure out what’s going on here. I mean, if you don’t want people to know you’re dating, don’t attend a wedding together...."

Bachelor Spoiler Alert!!! 
The two final couples are: 
Michael and Holly
Michelle and Graham


Anonymous said...

Michael is a lying snake! Michael cheated on Holly… they were engaged and Michael told Holly he didn’t love her anymore and that he needed to call it off…then he came running back to her and she was too hurt to commit to it…anyone who respects themselves would be the same way…Mike made his bed…she gave him chance after chance and now that she potentially has someone else he is freaking out because he can’t continue to be wishy washy with her and have her still waiting around for him to change his mind. Good for Holly!

Anonymous said...

Unless you know Michael and Holly personally, I don't think you should assume to know what went wrong with their relationship. The facts as you state them are completely opposite of what Michael & Holly themselves have admitted openly on the show.

Anonymous said...

i just think Blake and Holly are adorable and I hope it'll last because everyone deserves love!