'The Bachelor 2015' Why Doesn't Britt Shower?

It could be the strangest comment in Bachelor history (and there are a lot of strange comments on that show). In last night's episode, Britt Nilsson admitted that she hadn't showered "in weeks." The other girls couldn't understand why she wasn't showering (and how the heck she still looked so good)! Did Britt bathe? Did she just clean off in the hot tub? And why does she sleep in full make-up?

It's another mystery in Bachelor Nation. Here's what we know about Britt Nilsson.
Name:  Britt Nilsson
Age: 27
Hometown: Waitress/Model
Occupation: Hollywood, CA
Tattoos: None

In her ABC profile, Britt says her biggest date fear is "Being into someone who isn't into me." Hey Britt, isn't your biggest date fear---jumping off a cliff? We thought you were terrified of heights. She also can't live without her bible, make-up, journal, snacks and cell phone.

Even though it looks promising between Chris and Britt, it looks like she doesn't make it to hometown dates. Rumor is Britt might be the new Bachelorette.

More spoiler alert below--> Chris Soules Giving Britt a Rose at Big & Rich Taping (Episode 6)

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Anonymous said...

One word - pheromones. Men are subconsciously attracted by smell. Smart girl if that's her plan.