Jake Pavelka and Kristin Chenoweth Split!

Kristin Chenoweth and Jake Pavelka call it quits
Former Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, seems to be unlucky in love. First, he got dumped by Jillian Harris, then he had a very public break-up with Vienna Girardi and later had a series of girlfriends that fizzled out. Now, Jake Pavelka is reportedly single again!

Jake Pavelka has called it quits with actress and Broadway star, Kristin Chenoweth. The two met at a Hallmark awards show and later started dating. Jake and Kristen dated for three months before calling it quits. Apparently, it was actually Kristin who broke-up with the former Bachelor. 

Ladies, Jake Pavelka is single again. Any takers? Vienna? 

photo: LifeandStyle 


Anonymous said...

Oh hell no! Any man who is more interested in working out rather than making out needs to come out if da closet. Where was he valentines evening? Sitting watching a game on tv rather than at the g/f's door with roses. Loser state of mind. I never believed it was real... he is trying to ride on her namr. America has rejected you as much as your ex's. Go back away from celebrity life.

Anonymous said...

Pavelka is about 36 years old and has a long term pattern of failed personal relationships. They have impierically turned out to be messier the larger the public profile. Jake is a very hyperactive person that maintains numerous relationships. It is not uncommon for him to have two dates per day... happy hour with one and a dinner and movie with another.
Typical lines he uses are like "i'm just crazy about you." and "I feel like we've known each other forever" There's more, but I think whoever reads this has got his schtick down. Be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

Jake is a fake. He is so into himself and only hook on to Kristin to gain more publicity and be in the public eye. All he wants is more TV exposure when he has absolutely no talent. Didn't Kristin say he was too needy and clingy?