The Bachelor's Selma Alameri: "AshLee is my best friend!"

What did Selma Alameri think of last week's episode? Selma tweets about Sean's final two and sending her best friend, AshLee home. Here's what Selma had to say....

" I'm gonna start by saying that last night was seriously intense for me! Watching what happened at the end really hit me hard! But let's start off with the dates.. I feel like they were all fun and great! Eating bugs... Not my cup of tea, but hey Lindsay handled it like a champ! Ashlee's date was awesome.. Something I would love doing.. Not exactly her cup of tea but she's really letting him guide her.. which I can respect! Catherine's date... Weeelllllll it wasn't memorable but it was sweet! I can honestly say the only person I really feel has any connection with Sean at this point is Ashlee! And I'm not just saying that because she's my best friend.. I just honestly feel that way! I do love the other relationships tho.. I think they are light hearted and sweet.. Chemistry wise.. I just don't see it! Skip to the videos.. so so cute! Loved Lindsay and Catherine's video.. AshLees gave me chills! she poured her heart out and it literally almost made me cry. Then the Rose ceremony... Side note: the dresses at the rose ceremony were all very pretty! Loved em! Good job ladies! First of all.. I'd like to say.. I've never seen Sean struggle the way he did.. I think he broke his own heart at this rose ceremony! He talks about how hard this one was for him and it almost makes me wonder why he was letting go if it was so hard!? Lindsay looks like she is about to crap her pants.. Poor girl thought it was her going home but turned out to be the first name called... Then.. The serious part comes in... I literally stopped breathing when he said Catherine! The look on AshLees face was all too familiar to me.. I've given that look a time or two before after getting my heart crushed.. That was the look of "F***k you.. You lied to me!!" A lot of people commented that it was scary but to me.. I would have done the same! That truly is anger coming from hurt right there... And has every right to be angry! Her departure was one that I could respect.. She didn't break down in front of him which shows what a strong she's a strong woman, but then cried her heart out after leaving, which shows how hurt she really was! All I have to say is I felt every emotion with her! Crushed to see her go! Thought it would be her at the end for sure! So this leaves us two beauty's... I seriously couldn't tell you who he will pick.. The boy surprises me every time!" -@SelmaAlameri

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