Chris Harrison's Bachelor Blog, "Tierra's breakdown"

In his weekly blog for Entertainment Weekly, Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, Blogs about Sean Lowe's season. Here's what Harrison had to say this week...

Amanda Meyer's injury on the group date: "The group date was interesting, to say the least. I put the roller derby idea right up there with the Muay Thai boxing date during Ashley’s season in Chiang Mai. Sure, it seems like a good idea, but once you realize everyone’s just getting hurt, it becomes less sexy. One good thing about these dates is you get to really see what people are made of and how they handle stressful situations. You also get to see how tough their jaws are. Everybody took some big spills but Amanda really came crashing down. Fortunately her jaw broke her fall. She was banged up pretty good and had to go make sure she didn’t actually fracture her jaw. Luckily she returned later in the date, but sadly, she’ll never play the harmonica the same again."
Tierra's emotional breakdown: "Now, this move by Tierra could’ve gone one of two ways. Sean could’ve been annoyed and sent her packing, or do what he did and talk her off the cliff. Whether this was the right thing for him to do is debatable. Whether or not he got played is not debatable. Bottom line, Sean likes this girl and we all know that when we like someone we see past a lot and we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. I imagine there will be much talk surrounding Tierra this week by all of you."

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