Sean Lowe Blogs about The Bachelor, Episode 4

In his weekly blog for People Magazine, Sean Lowe explains why he sent Leslie Hughes home. Here's what Sean wrote:

"You usually know if a spark exists with someone within seconds of meeting that person. In rare cases, a spark can develop into a relationship. I was hoping that would happen with Leslie H. on the Pretty Woman date. She was so friendly, kind and down to earth. I think she said "holy moly" at least a dozen times because of the extravagance of the date and she was grateful to be on it with me. I really enjoyed my day and had fun shopping with her. The conversation was effortless and she made me laugh a lot, but I never found the spark I was looking for. Sending her home was one of the more difficult things I had to do all season because I knew she didn't see it coming. I admired and respected Leslie for so many reasons, but I knew she wasn't the one for me." You can read Sean Lowe's full Bachelor blog at People Magazine!

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