EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Gia Allemand's 'Bachelor Pad' Blog- Episode Three

By: Gia Allemand

For my first blogging experience ever I chose to write about last night’s episode where I get eliminated. Let me give everyone out there a better explanation of the whole "me" and "Nikki" situation. First off, yes I was going to give Craig the rose but then I thought a lot about strategy and what’s right, and I came up with a way to keep both Wes and Craig safe. The girls at that point didn’t see Wes as an ally, so if I gave Craig the rose, I was putting Wes in jeopardy. I thought to myself, okay it sucks that I am gonna have to go back on my word without telling the girls and seeing where they stand. But I was on my date already and obviously had no contact with any of them so I went with my instincts and did what the right thing was, in my opinion. 

I asked Nikki and the other girls who we should vote off. Everyone agreed and said Kiptyn because he would never vote against Tenley. Now for Nikki to go and do that when she had the opportunity to talk to all of us is flat out wrong. She had no strategy or plan to do what she did. She didn’t even warn any of us and she had the chance on several occasions (if she would have some strategic plan or some reasoning on why she changed her vote last minute), then I wouldn’t have been so mad. My change in thought was to benefit my group and to do what’s right. 

Onto the kissing competition. Out of all the competitions to come next, a kissing competition comes up... Great. I’m thinking the one time I really need to win a rose and there's a competition I have to back down from. I gave it a shot while being blindfolded and all the guys were super cool and respectful. Then, comes time for the girls to kiss the boys... and I was so grossed out and disgusted that I probably wouldn’t have done it even if I was single! Some of the sound effects the girls were making during the kissing contest were enough to make me want to throw up more then when I ate the cherry pie!!!

Even if I did participate in the kissing competition, I would’ve lost anyways because I’m so short I can’t even reach the guys. Did you see me barely reach Jesse B? Ha ha ha! Also, the girls forgot to give me the memo that you wear heels in the AM when a competition is about to be announced. Here I am thinking I’m gonna have to eat bugs or something.... I would’ve much rather ate some sort of crazy looking bug then do a kissing competition. David and Peyton are both safe because they won the kissing competition. David gets the date card and it says "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Couldn’t he just stay in Vegas, along with Natalie’s bikini top? I think Krisily is soooo cute and David absolutely adores her. There is a warm side of her that you don’t see right away, but when you get to know her. She is real, straight up and an all around good person. Even though I knew what happened (when I was watching the show), I found myself begging the TV to please let David give Krisily half a chance. 

Onto my girl Peyton’s date. Gosh, she is just the cutest darling ever. I loved her date.  She is laid back and chill, racing around with the boys. And Jesse B. is like a little brother to me and seeing them together made me get butterflies in my stomach. They are both two amazing people and I was so happy to see sparks between the two. Why couldn’t Kovacs’ car be like Stephen Kings "Christine" and just drive him back home?

Back at the house, Wes and I are hanging out, at this point and we have both become really close -- he’s like my best friend. I love all his songs. They’re on my iPod top 25 most played. When I call him a "Modern Shakespeare," I don’t think my friends will ever let me forget I said that. Wes is like no other person I ever met. He really showed me that he meant the words he said and he wasn’t just playing the game. You never see him playing the girls in the house or doing anything sleazy. He’s an honest and fair person that played the game with class and style. I have all the respect in the world for him. Okay, so I know everyone wants to know what’s up with the whole boyfriend situation, I have been getting emails and tweets about it since day one. I will say one thing. Whether or not I’m still with my boyfriend, there was something that happened a few weeks before going on the show and I don’t think I was ever the same after that.

Now the rose ceremony comes and all day I see Wes running around stressing out. He's trying to keep me here and he's not even worrying about himself.  All he is worrying about is me and it can possibly jeopardize him. I hope he wins. That’s all I can think about after watching him the last three weeks. There is not any other person more deserving than him. I knew I was gonna go home that night, and I wish I would’ve known Wes was jeopardizing himself. I wouldn’t have let him do that.

There was no reasoning with Kiptyn at that point, he saw me as a threat, and he wasn’t seeing it any other way. I don’t blame him. I would’ve done the same thing if I was in his shoes. It’s a game and I’m a strong player and I showed that. He thought the way I thought when I wanted to vote him off. I applaud his skills and strategy. The Weatherman and I are eliminated. I am more pissed that the Weatherman is going home than myself. Why on earth would any of the girls vote him off? He didn’t do anything threatening. I am so pissed about that. He’s a great person and he deserved more of a shot. He really tried hard to be kind to everyone and get to know everyone but he still wasn’t given the opportunity he deserved.

Can’t wait for next week. I am 100% team Wes and hope everyone sees the amazing man that he is and roots for him to win. 
=) Gia 

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Anonymous said...

Love you Gia. Now that you're gone, I'm cheering for Peyton, Wes or Jesse Beck to win. Wes has always been one of my favorites, he got a bad edit on J's season.Can't wait til you're back tweeting and on facebook. You rock and are my all time favorite girl from this show. Chris L. is my all time favorite guy from this show. Hope you can meet one day soon.

Anonymous said...

I love you Gia. You are such a fantastic woman.

Alicia said...

Hi Gia- I can't wait to read your posts every week. Sucks that you got voted off. The show won't be the same.

Anonymous said...

oh she's so beyond pathetic

Anonymous said...

Gia... I truly respect how you handled yourself with class during the kissing competetion..I too would have done the same thing, you gave it your best.

I think Wes is a great guy. I'm rooting for Wes and Peyton hope one of them will win.

Anonymous said...

Sorry u were voted off as u were my favorite on the bachelor & Pad...At least u had morals, unlike some of the other girls...Good luck in whatever u do...

Dave S said...

haha, nice blog and had some great lines in there.

I don't get why you are taking so much heat for the Craig dismissal. I've said many times on the discussion boards that Nikki's vote was the absolute KEY for the outsiders. That as long as Nikki changes her vote...one of the outsiders is going home (either Jesse B or Wes) and in then end, a stronger player than Craig is going home anyways. Even before this episode it is also clear that Nikki is adamant about it being Kiptyn that leaves.

The lack of tact and strategy...and well, just overall intelligence on the show can be frustrating at times.

As for Wes...haha part of me just likes there to be "villians" on shows. So I've always "enjoyed" watching Wes...even if he was a huge d-bag. But this show really shows him in a different light. I think most will be skeptical of Wes...as I am still a little as well. But I think a key here is what Wes did the elimination day. He was openly and frantically targeting the couples...which is a good strategy...but what was terrible strategy was the frantic and very open way in which he did it. But obviously, he was not making the smartest strategic move and going with the more desperate move in order to save you (Gia). I thought that was huge because Wes was the one guy with ties to both the outsiders and insiders...and by doing what he did...made the target on his back a little bigger. So while strategically, I thought it was dumb...I think it might also show Wes' feelings might be genuine. ....I think haha.

Anonymous said...

you seemed to be one of the only women on that show that showed compassion for others.i am appalled by the way most of these so called adults treated others, (the weatherman) it was like a high school clique. you are a beautiful person and i am sad to see you go. (and not win the money)there are few beautiful people with such grace left on t.v. and i wish you the best.

HLSinNewYork said...

Really interesting to get your perspective and insights Gia. Makes sense what you said about your decision on whether to give Craig M the rose. These last two episodes were painful for me to watch though. At every turn, people who I didn't want to get eliminated were going. I can't help but think that if you had given the rose to Craig M then I would be feeling cascading joy from episode to episode as each time the insiders would be going home. Not that I dislike all of the insiders, but we sure could do with getting rid of a few of them. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing your perspective on future episodes.

Anonymous said...

Gia, it's nice that you like Wes a lot but to say that he is an honest person, etc. is ridicules. Don't you forgot how he played Jiliann and even laughed at her that she was stupid enough to keep him to almost the end. And to say that he is like a Shakespear is even more ridicules. You are from NY, not from a small village and should have been more sophisticated that that. Honestly, I was disappointed in the way you conducted yourself- to much drama, to much intrigues, to much dishonesty and you are never wrong, it's always someone else fault. Sorry, I had a better opinion of you on the previous show. Plus, if you have a boyfriend you should not come to the show even for a million-period!Money is not worth of loosing a love and you probably lost it.

Anonymous said...

Gia, you are so very beautiful on the outside. I know I don't know you personally, and you only see so much on the show(s), but it seems you are the most down-to-earth, smart, caring, and KIND hearted women the Batchelor Franchise has ever had. Everyone I know that watches the show agrees with me. Go Gia! We want more of you! You should be the next Batchelorette H ANDS DOWN-that is, if you are single. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I really respect you as a person Gia! Everyone needs a friend like you in their life! I hope things work out for you with whoever you choose to be with in life (whether that's the bf or Wes even who I have a new opinion about thanks to the bachelor pad so far or whoever else!) You deserve to be happy and I hope you find that! You're a great person and I agree with all the choices you made on the bachelor pad now that i've thought about it. the only thing that bugged me was that you told craig he definitely had the rose and then you took it back, but people do that sometimes i'm sure he's forgiven you! i have as a viewer! haha it's nice to know that there are still people out there that truely care and give everyone a fair chance and is nice to and respectful of others. the world needs more people like that! i wish you all the best!!

Meredith said...

Gia, you were automatically my favorite on Jake's season of the bachelor and when you got put on the Bachelor Pad, nothing had changed. I thought your strategy was the most well thought out and made the most sense. Had everyone followed through with it, you guys would have had soo much of a lead on the "cool kids on the pad". I thought you giving Craig your word about giving him the rose and then giving it to Wes was completely out of line, but when I saw that you had a strategy behind it, it made me rethink it.

I really wish you wouldn't have been voted off for two reasons:
1. I thought you were a threat when it came to the challenges. &
2. Being a Fashion Merchandise major, I just liked watching what you were going to wear! haha.

I'm following you on twitter now and can't wait until you are allowed to tweet!

-Love from Floridaaaa

Anonymous said...

I don't think this show has done you any justice. You gave your word to many in the house only to go against what you had promised when you gave Wes the rose instead of Graig M. Then in front of everyone you put down Nikki and discraced her for going against her word. You both were not true to your word, only Nikki had some dignity in admitting what she had done, where as you seem to think you had done nothing wrong??
As for the whole Wes situation, I think you got played by the biggest player of all.. You had a boyfriend when you went into the house and for you to carrie on like a love sick teenager with Wes was kind of pathetic. I doubt very much that your man would have been waiting for you after seeing you on the Batchelor Pad.
It's a shame really because I can see the kind loving and caring side of you. I have no doubt in real life you are a wonderful and amazing person with high standards and great qualities.. Unfortunatley you were definatley portrayed as something other that what you actually are..
But thats a punt you take when going on a reality T.V show to try and win $$$!

Justice said...

Wow! talk about a flawed strategy. If you had stuck to your original plan you probably succeeded. Craig would have been saved and Nikki most probably would not have flipped. I believe she did because she saw that you had not followed through with your end. So I think it was wrong of you to hang her out to dry and it started a steamroller effect. I believe you just need to Woman up on a lot of things. It was pretty obvious that you and Wes became more than friends in the bed. And the things he stated in Texas after the show pretty much sealed the deal. As for as you stating that that something happened between you weeks before the taping began is pretty lame considering the way you were gushing over him until you and Wes got "close'. It's wrong to throw things out like that when Chris is not able to refute any statements or defend himself. Again.. Woman Up and admit to getting caught up in the moment and screwing up your relationshipn the process. Just saying what's on a lot of people's minds. I mean, all you have to do is read the discussion board on the show website.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed watching you and others on the show. I always respect a person who draws the line somewhere of what they will or won't do but you could have owned those boys Gia, and still been respectfull.:>) They couldn't take there eyes off of you when you first came through the door. I think it hurt you as a contestant for having a boyfriend. Thanks for explaining why you kept Wes and not Craig. As a viewer of the show it is hard to understand who the people really are or why someone did what they did because we only see what the show chooses for us to see. What we may think is good strategy verses bad may be different if we were there. Who we may think is a villian may be a very good person in real life or vice versa. It does seem like the weatherman was treated bad ( I saw him as a good person on the show)but then when they show him playing his guitar out at the pool everyone seemed to like him and enjoy his company, and all get along.

Wishing you and everyone the best!

Denise M said...

Gia you are definitely a great woman and a very kind person. But I think it would have been more strategic to stick to your word and give the rose to Craig. It may have put Wes in jeopardy, but during the rose ceremony, you COULD HAVE rounded up all the girls (outsiders) and explain that KIPTYN needs to go, and NOT wes. Just 2 minutes of that. Then all the girls would be like "okay okay, makes sense" and nikki wouldn't have to be a big baby about voting off Kiptyn. Then voting starts, obviously Wes would have a chance to stay in the game and Kip would definitely dipped off the show.

Other than your not-so-smart move of giving the rose to Wes instead of Craig, you are a good competitor and more real than some of the other girls in the house aka Natalie the dry mouthed bitch who talks too much sh*t and Elizabeth who practically has poor Kovacs on a leash. That psycho probably teases the dog with her "do you wanna kiss me?" hypnosis crap.

Anonymous said...

Why is it better to lay in bed with Wes and to fall head-over-heels with him, than to have a kissing contest?

I'm sure the boyfriend would've understood the required kissing contest more than her gushing infatuation with Wes.


Anonymous said...

You really need to be the next bachelorette. Everyone loves Gia and will watch!

Anonymous said...

Gia, I stand behind you on the kissing. I even understand how you were charmed by Wes. I like who he seems to be on this show. But my problem with you is your judgment towards Nikki. You say you went with your instincts when you changed your mind about Craig and Wes, and your team members were supposed to trust that. I feel you should give Nikki that same respect. She clearly strugged and went with her instincts. It seemed hypocritical for you not to respect her decision when you were looking for the same.

Anonymous said...

You have always been a classy sweet girl in my eyes. I still think that out weighs the negative thoughts I've had regarding you going back on "you're word is your honnor" statement. Just admit you made a mistake and those who lost respect for you will understand. :)

Anonymous said...

awww I'm so upset your gone..was hoping that you would be the girl that had won at the end :(

Anonymous said...

Gia, I was and still am 100% for you!!! I completely understand your change of heart with the Craig/Wes change of plans....you followed your heart and your instincts...but at the same time, you had another plan to still save Craig. I also see why you should have been upset with Nikki. Although you saved Wes and not Craig, you went to the girls and explained your plan. EVERYONE, not just you decided that Kipton needed to go, Nikki was way on board with that idea. So yes, you had the right to be upset with her, she should have came to you all and said there is a problem we need to rethink things and come up with another plan....easy to do!!!

I also think that it was crappy of the other girls to not step up and own up to the fact that they ALL were just as much responsible for that decision as you were to get rid of Kipton. It was not fair for them to let you take the full brunt of that decision...

I think very highly of you for the way you conducted yourself on the show. You were very lady like and I think you made the right decision about the kissing contest...it to me made you more respectable!!!

However, SOME of the others (Elizabeth and Natalie just made themselves look cheap and EASY)!!! I hope they are eliminated SOON!! I DO NOT like either of them!!! Kovacs is a nice looking guy with a great personality, however he needs to grow some and cut all ties with Elizabeth...she is just gonna take him DOWN!!

As for Wes, he was not my favorite on Jillian's season, however he won my heart on this show with you!! He was a totally different person, I think he was even surprised himself as to his feelings for you!! Whatever happens, I wish you both the best!! Watching the show will NOT be the same without you!! I just wish the viewers could vote....

Anonymous said...

i love you gia! i'm so sad your gone =( your an amazing girl

Anonymous said...

Gia, You are an amazing person inside and out. I understand your reasoning and I fully back you. This show will not be the same without you, the only parts I am ever interested in are the parts when you are speaking. You are so cute and women can relate to you, we see your insecurities and see how beautiful you are, and to top off all that you are honest and real and tried to help a group of girls get together. I cant believe we wont see you on TV anymore. Alot of people are sad, Please keep in touch with your bachelor fans we feel like we know you and we love you.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought you to be awesome! You were by far my favourite on the bachelor and was honestly hoping you'd be the next bachelorette. (No disrespect to Ally.)
I love that although you are so beautiful, you are still down to earth, kind and caring. Just a doll. :)
That being said, the only mistake I think you did make was in not giving Craig the rose. Only because you had given him your word and that is what you did tell the girls you were gonna do. I think you could've saved Wes after...but hind sight is 20/20 right?
Anyway, wish you were still on the show. Won't be the same without you. I was so mad when you got eliminated!! Good luck to you sweety with everything you do!!

Anonymous said...

Love you girl, but I think you are just making excuses about going back on your word. Wes didn't need to be saved that week. You can't expect to tell others how to vote when you didn't keep your word. Your reasoning makes no sense. I think people want to believe you because you are a beauty, people get taken by that. When you gave Wes the rose, you went back on your word and gave up your power. Don't blame Nikki for that. Don't play the victim card. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Stop changing your story! You should have given the rose to Craig but you fell for Wes's crap like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone here that said YOU WERE IN THE WRONG FOR CHANGING YOUR MIND AND GIVING THE ROSE TO WES INSTEAD OF CRAIG. How could you be so mean to Nikki for keeping Kyptin when you did the exact same thing first! The only difference is that Nikki did it because she believe Kyptin was a better person than Craig (WHICH HE IS!) while YOU did it because you got played by Wes and his games/charm (HELLO? Did you NOT see the way he played Jillian, laughed at her for keeping him on for so long, AND sang that exact same song?) like a little high school girl all GIDDY and love-sick. You were blinded and watching you be SO mean to Nikki was horrible. ABSOLUTELY horrible. I loved you when you were on Jake's season, but after seeing the Bachelor Pad and seeing how you conducted yourself... going back on your word to Craig (and the girls), treating Nikki the way you did (at least she admitted to it, YOU acted as if YOU didn't do anything wrong in straying from the plan), and then telling Kyptin that you were "just the messenger" ??? bullsh**, you plotted the whole thing against Kyptin!!! I was so shocked at the things you did/said, Gia. You were sneaky and manipulative but tried to hide it with a facade of compassion. I am so disappointed in you. I was completely TEAM GIA on Jake's Season AND the first couple episodes of BACHELOR PAD. But after you fell for Wes and the way you treated Nikki... I was so shocked and sad.

Anonymous said...

So when you decided to change your strategy without consulting any of the other girls, did you bother to think about the fact that you flat out LIED to Craig to his face? You pulled him aside and assured him left and right that you would give him the rose, that you had control of the situation and he shouldn't worry. And he believed you. And then you pulled out the rug from under him without warning by giving the rose to Wes. That was a very screwed up and low down thing to do. Not only did you lie to the girls but you lied to Craig right to his face. Since you had decided to change your strategy you should have done the decent thing and pulled Craig aside for a second time and told him that you're changing your mind about the rose and giving it to Wes..instead of having Craig keep believing in you only to have you turn on him like a snake in the grass at the last minute. You totally deserved to get voted off the following week, it's Karma biting you in your lying ass.

wolveray said...

Ohhh..just luv u Gia...wish they will give you a wild card.The show is not the same without you...Anyway,i'm impressed with what Wes trying to do to keep u there, just hoping that both can be together again in the show.

Anonymous said...

I agree that you were MANIPULATIVE & LIED your way through the first few shows. You need to apologize to Nikki for being a BULLY to her too, especially when you did the same thing and changed your plan with Craig M. - Then you cried to Kiptyn so he wouldn't vote you off! I'm sooo glad you're gone Gia. I liked you on the Bachelor when you were kind & sweet, and not the liar & sneak you are now.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Some of these posts are a bit harsh! Good luck to you Gia. I believe you deserved to be voted off because you did do things that were not fair but you seem like a kind girl at heart so just be honest with your followers (stop making excuses) admit you were wrong and earn back some respect. Take care girly :)

matty said...

I think gia, is the most amazing girl ever and I completely understand why she did what she did. If your reading this gia I support you and I'm your biggest fan. People are so obnoxious and ignorant on these blogs and they act like they were there and know everything. The show will not be the same without you, I can't believe I can't watch you anymore. Can't wait for your return to facebook.

Anonymous said...

Gia I think you played a good Game. I kinda hope something does develop between you & Wes. But...that chapter may not be written. Anyway, I saw Natalie Bartending at a Club in N. Hollywood on Orange. Ya'll are people just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

You're a cheater Gia. You got what you deserved. Try and justify it anyway you want, you still betrayed your bf. To gush all over Wes was just flat out wrong if you really did have any kind of a bf. "Oh you are so great, Wes, we have to win the money and then fly back and forth to see each other." How would you feel if your bf threw the game, and said stuff like that to a girl? Pretty miserable!

Anonymous said...

Gia, you were my favorite on the show but I can't figure out why you wouldn't take part in the kissing contest because of your boyfriend, when by the end of the evening you were being serenaded by Wes and saying you love him.

Was it mostly just because you were repulsed at the thought of kissing a bunch of men you didn't care anything about, so saying that it was because of your boyfriend was the best way you saw to get off the hook (and your "boyfriend" had absolutely nothing to do with it)?

Tony Safina said...

Gia, I agree with you it sucked they sent the Weatherman home. Jonathan had a great sense of humor, one that was so manifest in the songs he ad-libbed every show. What motivates these ladies to vote the way they do? 'Beats me! :(
You were great. I love watching you. 'Sorry you had to go, 'hope you have a chance to do more reality TV. :)

C.C. said...

It is so easy for people to leave negative comments when under the guise of "anonymous". Gia, I enjoyed watching your game play and strategies, and I'm sorry to see you go. I was surprised that you got mad at Nikki for having a change of heart (which made her play both sides of the fence) when you yourself changed your mind from promising the rose to Craig and then giving it to Wes. Was there a scene edited out in which you explained to Craig that you were going back on your word?

Anonymous said...

Two things are unbelievable. First that ABC gave you and not Craig your own blog. Who cares how you rationalize making all of the outsiders lose? I for one think you are a liar. You think from between your legs instead of with your head. That is the truth. You assured Craig absolutely about the plan. You took weatherman to task about the strategy and then you whacked out on that Texas twanger, you are so annoying. I couldn't stand your fake lips as you kept twitching them, biting them, pursing them, touching your hair, blaming Nikki when you threw all of the outsiders under the bus: withness you and weatherman's departure. I hope this is the last time I have to be subjected to your speech impediment and your lies like "I have a boyfriend" and then you lay in the bed til six with Wes? you are such a mess. Gawd, I hope ABC reads this and cans you for good.

IheartU said...

Gia, I LOVE you...you are beautiful INSIDE and OUT. My boyfriend is jealous because he knows that you are my ULTIMATE girl crush ...but then again he thinks your drop dead gorgeous too..hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously????? You went back on your word, and justified it ~ in YOUR mind ~ by saying that Wes was an ally. You deceived a LOT of people, by "going with your heart". Nikki did the same thing. SHAME ON YOU, GIA, for acting as you did anything different than she did. Not only that, Nikki was clearly torn up about it, and you were not.

Secondly, YOU were the instigator to get Kip off, no one else was... and yet you say you went with the crowd. NOT!! YOU were the LEADER in that ball game!

I really, really liked you, and thought you were the sweetest thing - until now!!!!!!!!

In hindsight, I should have known that you were not as sweet as I thought, when you were so hardcore in supporting Vienna - who is also deceptive, manipulative, and brought everything on herself - whilst playing the victim!

As far as going on there with a boyfriend - why would you do it????? I don't get that! I never will. You were wrong for it - no matter what happened a few weeks before. You were in a relationship - period!!!!!!!!!!

You lost ALL my respect and sympathy after the last episode - coming down on Nikki, and STILL coming down on Nikki. YOU are the jerk, Gia, NOT Nikki!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you, Gia? You changed your mind about Craig vs. Wes - WENT BACK ON YOUR WORD, and it's okay? Nikki changed her mind, went back on her word, but it's not???????? YOU did it because you got horny with Wes. Nikki did it because she was torn. Nikki's reason was FAR MORE UNDERSTANDABLE than you getting wet in your panties!!! You're a deceptive, lying, cheater, and you have the nerve to come down on Nikki???? And you are in love with a cheating liar - Wes! You two skanks deserve each other. I liked you until now. Thank goodness I saw the truth about yo!

Anonymous said...

YOU deceive people, and it's okay?

Nikki gets torn up and changes her mind, and it's not??

Double standards, Gia!

You did it, as said before, because you got horny for Wes.

Nikki did it because she was sincerely torn.

YOU are the liar and are deceptive, Nikki is not.

Furthermore, you CONTINUE to slam Nikki over this? If you were a nice person you would have backed off coming down on Nikki, and would have admitted that she was clearly torn, and just moved in the moment. Instead, you continue to crucify her. YOU ARE NOT A NICE PERSON!!!!

Anonymous said...

You cheated on your boyfriend.

You went back on your word.

You hung Nikki out to dry, when you did the same thing, hypocrite!

You CONTINUE to crucify Nikki, instead of being gracious about it.

You got horny for another cheater, but it's okay??????

You LIED about being the ring leader to get Kip off - YOU were the leader in that one.

Your 'outsider', underdog, poor little me strategy just went out the door with all the other trash spewing out of your deceptive mouth!!!!!

On TOP of supporting Vienna. THAT was the first red flag. I liked you then (even though I didn't care for Vienna), but should have known better.

Now I do!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gia, you owe Nikki an apology. Plain and simple. You can try to justify it in your mind all day long, but YOU did the same thing. No matter how you slice it.

The ONLY difference was that Nikki was torn up about it - that's why she changed her mind, but YOU had already made it okay to go back on your word. YOU started it. If YOU hadn't done it in the first place, Nikki wouldn't have either.

Secondly, YOU did it because you were horny for Wes. THAT is the reason. Lie to yourself all day about why, but deep down you know the truth. You were horny for Wes.... who is ALSO a cheater and a liar.

You deserve each other.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You were a rude, mean bully to Nikki. How can you say you root for the underdog, when you crucified Nikki for doing exactly what YOU did. The only difference is you did it because you were horny, Nikki did it because she was torn. How dare you!?

Grow up, Gia.

Also YOU led the group to get rid of Kypton, and then LIED and said you didn't.


You lied, deceived, and cheated on your boyfriend.

I guess that's okay.


wolveray said...

There is something seriously wrong with the last few posters.
Its a game ...just get over it! ! !..

Anyway,you really are gorgeous Gia...just wish you the best with Wes.

Anonymous said...

Really!?!?!? To the "anonymous" who posted the "list": anyone who will go to the trouble of personally attacking someone the way you did is equally every single one one of those decriptions on the "list. Except possibly the horn-dog one (but who knows!) You should really find something more positive to do with your time...you'd be a lot less angry. :)

Gia, you're fine. Everyone makes mistakes. You'll move on to do better things in your life! Smile...because it's so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

That is not true. the person posted the list because obviously ABC thinks this idiot is some kind of rising star. I applaud the list and don't forget air head and idiot too not to mention plastic lips.

Carley said...

Gia your so empowering .luv u and I'm quoting your mom "don't hurt my Gia""
I have watched bachelorette and bachelor. Forever and I'm only 11 I'm Carley thanks a bunch and Wes rocks I m with ya luv carley

Anonymous said...

Gia, you had so much potential, and just became sooooo ugly by attacking Nikki and sticking with that rather than being gracious. Your horny desire for Wes is sickening. The guy is a cheater, a liar, and was devious to Jillian. If you're in that same mindset, I guess that would explain a lot of things. You don't like the "underdog", as you said, you like the a**hole - Vienna and Wes. Not to mention you liked Jake too..... Hmmmm.... your track record aint so good! Get a clue!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is writing things are your blog to purposly hurt who are just plain jealous girl! It's true! They can deny all they want (which they will) and justify they're words however they choose, but you have a sweetheart and would NEVER write a list to try to hurt someone. I can't help but chuckle when I see those ridiculous posts! Don't belive the ugliness!!

Mara said...

Gia ur amazing!u were my favorite to win and it was so sad when u left=( people are making such a big deal out of the craig thing. whatever its just a game and ppl make mistakes in their lives. some of those comments are really mean and u dont deserve that ur just too sweet <3

Anonymous said...

Gia, you are an IDIOT.

You were crying to Kiptyn about how your feelings were hurt that people were starting rumors about you going around to others trying to vote him off. You denied doing this. Can someone rewind that tape for you??? For you to sit there and cry about others being backstabbers, I have to laugh at you. You were the biggest backstabber of them all,you lied to Craig and "The Outsiders". I really can't fathom where these people are getting the "You're so sweet" vibe from. I certainly didn't see it.

You deserved to get voted off, if for no other reason than the fact you called Wes a modern day Shakespeare only cuter. Do you know who Shakespeare was? Shakespeare wrote plays, Wes writes (???) lame country songs and no one will remember his name next year once his reality TV star (???) has imploded, he is hardly timeless, unlike Shakespeare.

It's a good thing you have a pretty face because you aren't good for much else other than lingerie modeling.

Anonymous said...

Haha! All the negative said about Gia..I'm with you! ALL TRUE

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Beautiful,
I hated Wes when he was on the Bachelorette but on Bachelor Pad when you two got together, I saw a wonderful connection and when he was eliminated this week, WES handled it with such class. I know you are in-love with your BF right now but I hope you and Wes will meet again. Like Roberto & Ali, I see a true love connection.

Anonymous said...

Oh stop the shit! I hope you make a love connection! Idiot. Like said above, Gia you too are an idiot. Make that an annoying, whiny, conniving idiot.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the name calling?! Seriously people grow up!

Gia - you were fun to watch...drama and all! You did deserve to be voted off since you went back on your word but life goes on! Good luck with your next adventure!

Anonymous said...

She is the stupidest person on tv ever. stupid, shallow, fake b00bs fake lips fake personality, gets used habitually yeah, great role model for the little girls ...not. she is exactly what I would warn my daughter she could beocome I would show my daughter a picture of this mess.

Anonymous said...

I love you Gia, please get together with Wes, you 2 are soooooo cute together and I could tell that wes meant every word he said to you

Gia+Wes 4ever<3333333333333

Anonymous said...

I hope you and wes get married, you 2 would have the cutest babies omg please Gia, Wes seriously loves you

Anonymous said...

Give Wes a chance Gia, he could be your soul mate. The way he looks at you, the things he says, the way he acts around you, he really does love you Gia. I only watched the show to see you and wes and I kept hoping you two would get together

and I agree with the above comment, you two would have very cute babies:D

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of you blaming everyone else's lack of character. You were the first to LIE and mislead and show a HUGE lack of character. You promised Craig you were giving him the rose and then completely broke your word and gave it to Wes!!! You set the precedence for everyone by doing it yourself and then YOU of ALL people keep holding others accountable. Are you kidding me? You and Wes deserve each other. THen you came on this show while you had a boyfriend???!!!! It was ok to flirt like crazy with Wes and snuggle with him but you fell apart over the kissing contest????? What a contradiction you are. Learn to admit your own faults and to hold your own self accountable before you do so to others.

Axel said...

Gia...if you ever come to New Zealand - I will be proud to show you around