Video Preview: Melissa Rycroft and Tye's New Reality Show

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Melissa Rycroft has definitely succeeded in turning heartbreak into redemption. After having her heart broken on The Bachelor, and becoming a hugely popular contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," Melissa ignited a major television hosting career and reconnected with the "real" man of her dreams, hometown boyfriend Tye Strickland. Now married with a young daughter, Melissa is about to embark on her biggest journey yet -- moving to Los Angeles to pursue her Hollywood dreams, while managing a long-distance relationship. Melissa & Tye premieres Friday, April 20th

Casting Call for Bachelor Pad 3!

Former Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, gives tips on how to apply for Bachelor Pad 3. For the first time ever, the search is on for fresh eligible faces that are ready to join former Bachelors and Bachelorettes in a quest for love or $250,000. If you want to be on the cast of Bachelor Pad, please fill out the online submission form HERE!

Is Ashley Hebert Pregnant?

Last week, gossip magazines reported that Bachelorette Ashley Hebert (and J.P. Rosenbaum) might be expecting a child. But Ashley sets the record straight on her blog. Here's what she writes:

"There was some confusion about the status of Ashley’s pregnancy from the airing of After the Final Rose on March 11th when J.P. made a joke about Ashley being pregnant. It has been confirmed that Ashley is NOT pregnant at this time! I bet it would be a cute little cupcake though. Maybe next year!"

Sorry Bachelor fans, there isn't a Hebert-Rosenbaum baby just yet. But expect a wedding soon!

Bachelor Sneak Peek! Emily Maynard's Concert Date With Chris Bukowski

Check out this Bachelorette video of Emily Maynard and her one-on-one date with Chris Bukowski. The video was uploaded by a fan.

Bachelor Ben and Courtney Holiday in Mexico

If you thought that Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson had broken-up already, you might be wrong. According to the (semi reliable) tabloid magazine, US Weekly, the couple recently enjoyed a holiday in Mexico and Courtney has since moved in with Ben.. "During their sun-filled holiday, the pair reportedly received massages and enjoyed a private dinner where they were serenaded by a mariachi band."  The model winner, Robertson, "moved in with Ben Flajnik and his two roommates in San Francisco on March 17 after packing up her belongings and traveling almost 400 miles upstate from Santa Monica, CA."

Photo source: here 

Lindzi Cox on LIVE WITH KELLY!

In case you missed it, Lindzi Cox was on Live with Kelly. Check out her grand horse entrance!

The Bachelorette: A First Look at Emily Maynard's Men

The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard doesn't begin until May but the spoilers are already here! According to Reality Steve, here are the rumored men competiting for Emily's heart.

1. Ryan Bowers, 31, gym owner at Athelite, Evans, Georgia
2. Jef Holm, Pleasant Grove, Utah
3. Doug Clerget, 33, Tacoma, Washington
4. Travis Pope, 30, Madison, Mississippi, account executive (previously engaged to Lauren Jones, CEO of Lauren Jones Footwear).
5. Aaron Martell, 35, Los Angeles, CA
6. Kalon McMahon, Texas  

Who is Emily Maynard? 

Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson still together!

After the Bachelor Final Rose episode, you might be wondering if Ben and Courtney are still together. According to the Bachelor himself, Ben and Courtney are very happy and in love. He posted the above photo on his Twitter feed saying that it's their first photo together out in public. A source tells US Weekly that "I saw Ben and Courtney dining with two other guests in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. She was wearing her ring and they looked cozy." Ben Flajnik insists that he and Courtney are trying to make it work because they are truly in love.

What are your thoughts? Will Ben and Courtney last?

People Magazine "Interview with Ben and Courtney

Check out the latest issue of People Magazine for an in depth interview with Bachelor couple, Ben and Courtney (yes, they are still a couple).

Ben Flajnik says of Courtney "She truly is a caring, nurturing woman who is so thoughtful and kind. Unfortunately, America only got to see one side of her, but I know she loves me in a way that I want to be loved...I am completely confident in the decision I made at the end of The Bachelor, and I stand behind that decision. No regrets."

Issue on stands now and don't forget to check out Ben's new hairstyle in the magazine!

Has Lindzi Cox Spoken To Ben Flajnik since the Finale?

Lindzi Cox chats with Access about being dumped by Ben Flajnik on “The Bachelor.” Has she spoken to him since? Plus, does she think Courtney will be good with Ben? And, has Lindzi starting dating again? Lastly, if approached, would be want to be the next “Bachelorette”?

Surprise Proposal on The Bachelor Finale

If you haven't seen this yet, it's hilarious! Ben Flajnik proposes to Chris Harrison on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Want to be on Bachelor Pad?

For the first time ever, the search is on for fresh eligible faces that are ready to join our former Bachelors and Bachelorettes in a quest for love or $250,000.

Apply Here!

The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard begins Monday, May 14!

Lindzi Cox on Good Morning America!

Video of Lindzi Cox on Good Morning America.
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On the season finale of The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik left Lindzi brokenhearted. In this Good Morning America interview, Lindzi talks about being dumped by Ben. But why wasn't Lindzi on The After the Rose Special? ""I wish them nothing but the best," she said on Tuesday's Good Morning America, about Flajnik and the woman he proposed to, Ford model Courtney Robertson."Lindzi Cox reveals why she didn't appear on ABC's "After the Rose" special.

VIDEO: Lindzi Cox on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Lindzi Cox visits Jimmy Kimmel Live after Ben Flajnik dumps her on The Bachelor Seasons Finale.

VIDEO: The Bachelor After Party with Bachelor Aumni

The Bachelor After Party discuss the show's finale. Ashley, JP and others join the After Party.

The Bachelor: Are Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson still Together?

It's the question that all Bachelor fans are asking. Are Ben and Courtney still a couple? After last night's dramatic Season Finale and After the Final Rose Special, the question still remains a mystery. Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, tries to put rumors to rest in his NEW Bachelor blog posting at Entertainment Weekly. Here's what he has to say...

The Bachelor Proposes to Courtney Robertson

Ben Flajnik proposes to Courtney Robertson and Lindzi Cox goes home brokenhearted (and shocked). But will Courtney and Ben's relationship last?

The Bachelor Final Rose Ceremony

The final two Bachelorettes and Ben will go on their final dates in Zermatt, Switzerland. Ben will also introduce each of them to his family.

Emily Maynard's rumored 'Bachelorette' house

Take a look at the Marvin Road home rumored to be the house that will be used for this season of "The Bachelorette," featuring Charlotte's Emily Maynard. Nice house!

After the Rose Spoilers: Brief Split for Ben and his Fiancee

If you're excited to watch The Bachelor Finale today, get read for The After the Rose Special (following the show). According to US Weekly and Reality TV World, "Courtney Robertson told The Bachelor host Chris Harrison that Flajnik dumped her "abruptly" around February 7 -- a week before Valentine's Day  -- but the pair reconciled later that month."

David Spade's Bachelor Spoof

David Spade is The Honest Bachelor

The Bachelor Finale!

Check out this sneak peek from The Bachelor Finale!

The Bachelor: Is Ben engaged to Courtney or Lindzi?

Chris Harrison says that tonight's episode of The Bachelor is the "most controversial in Bachelor history." If you decode that, it might mean that the Bachelor rumors are true and Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are engaged.  In this 3 hour finale (the last hour is the After the Rose Special), Ben must decide between his two remaining women:

Courtney Robertson, 28, model, Santa Monica, CA
Lindzi Cox, 27, business development manager, Seattle, WA

Bachelor Finale Photos!

The Bachelor finale rose. Photo: ABC

In The Bachelor finale on Monday, Ben Flajnik will choose Courtney Robertson or Lindzi Cox to be his wife. If you read any of the Bachelor Spoilers, it looks like Ben might choose Courtney in the end.

Is Ben engaged to Courtney Robertson? Is Ben engaged to Lindzi Cox? 

Check out a sneak peek at these Bachelor photos of the final rose ceremony!

Ellen DeGeneres' Women Tell All Spoof!

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Ellen DeGeneres hilarious spoof of The Bachelor Women Tell All!

Holly Durst and Blake Julian get ready for Wedding

Bachelor Pad couple and winner, Holly Durst and Blake Julian, will tie the knot on June 2nd. Their relationship began on Bachelor Pad where Holly met his future husband (she was once engaged to Bachelor Pad winner Michael Stagliano). According to CupidsPulse, the two will marry in South Carolina. "Ben (Flajnik) and most of their fellow contestants from Bachelor Pad 2 will be invited to their June 2 wedding in South Carolina... Holly chose Alfred Angelo for her dress and pink for her six bridesmaids, all of whom are close friends and family."

"The wedding festivities are set to begin this month with Blake’s ski-themed bachelor party taking place this month in Colorado and Holly’s bachelorette party in LA in May." Congrats to Holly and Blake on their upcoming wedding!

More Bachelor behind-the-scenes

Check out this Bachelor After Party.

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Tells All

In his Bachelor blog for Entertainment Weekly, Chris Harrison writes about The Women Tell All....

Shawntel Newton's Return: "I was very happy that Shawntel came back to talk to me. She got very emotional while watching the video of what happened that night; she was really hurt by the things that were said about her. I’m very glad the women saw the error of their ways and for the most part backpedaled and apologized for their actions. I know she didn’t handle everything perfectly, but she didn’t deserve what she got and I’m happy she ended up getting the apologies she did deserve."

Behind-the-scenes at The Women Tell All

Emily O'Brien, Nicki Sterling and Kacie B speak to the cameras at The Bachelor, Women Tell All taping.

Radio Interview: Shawntel Newton from The Bachelor

Check out this radio interview with Shawntel Newton from The Bachelor

The Bachelor: Get to know Courtney Robertson

Are Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson engaged? Are the rumors true? Get to know the woman causing all the drama on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Who is Courtney Robertson?

Age: 28
Occupation: Model   
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Her modelling website:

What is your favorite memory from your childhood? Christmas mornings. One year I got the puppy I wanted and my sister got a kitten. My parents made the holidays very special for us. I probably believed in Santa for way too long.

Do you consider yourself romantic and why? I'm a hopeless romantic. Love is my religion. I'm in love with love. All I want is to find the right guy and love him forever.

What is your ideal mate's personality like? Warm, caring, amazing, sense of humor, flirty, genuine, keeps me on my toes, sensitive and; has depth.

Sneak Peek: 'Bachelor' Women Confront Courtney!

This season's The Bachelor had no shortage of controversy, mainly due to villainous contestant Courtney -- therefore it was a shock when Courtney decided to attend The Bachelor "Women Tell All" special to confront her

The Bachelor Women Tell All Preview

The ladies of The Bachelor turn on each other during the Bachelor Women Tell All on Monday. Check out a sneak peek of The Women Tell All!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bachelor Ben's Break Up Lines

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Bachelor Ben's Break Up Lines DVD

Bachelor Finale Photos Revealed!

Bachelor Spoiler Alert! Don't read if you don't want to know...

According to Bachelor Spoiler, Reality Steve, is correct about who Ben Flajnik chooses in the end. It's down to Courtney Robertson and Lindzi Cox. Reality Steve has been wrong before (he predicted that Ali Fedotowsky would choose Chris Lambton and Brad Womack would choose Chantal O'Brien). But this time Reality Steve may have it right. According to these photos posted on his website, Ben Flajnik does indeed choose Courtney, and Lindzi goes home brokenhearted. Look closely, Courtney is indeed holding the final rose in her hand.

More Bachelor Drama "Did Ben cheat on Courtney?"

Unless you've been living under a rock, Bachelor spoilers confirmed that Ben Flajnik will probably choose Courtney Robertson to be his bride. But it doesn't seem happily ever after for these two. According to US Weekly, Courtney is trying on wedding dresses and Ben is seeing other women. The magazine even claims that they have "exclusive" photos of Ben's new girls. Is it true? Pick up a copy of this week's US Weekly and find out!

VIDEO: Women Tell All Sneak Peek!

"The Bachelor" Ben Flajnik at the Women Tell All. "The Bachelor" Ben Flajnik talks to LA Times at the taping of the Women Tell All episode.