Bachelor Finale Photos Revealed!

Bachelor Spoiler Alert! Don't read if you don't want to know...

According to Bachelor Spoiler, Reality Steve, is correct about who Ben Flajnik chooses in the end. It's down to Courtney Robertson and Lindzi Cox. Reality Steve has been wrong before (he predicted that Ali Fedotowsky would choose Chris Lambton and Brad Womack would choose Chantal O'Brien). But this time Reality Steve may have it right. According to these photos posted on his website, Ben Flajnik does indeed choose Courtney, and Lindzi goes home brokenhearted. Look closely, Courtney is indeed holding the final rose in her hand.

Ben says goodbye to Lindzi Cox

But things may not be happily ever after for this Bachelor couple. US Weekly reports that "Ben might be cheating on Courtney," and Reality Steve says "Courtney and Ben are still engaged but things are rocky with this Bachelor couple." Will this couple last?

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