The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Tells All

In his Bachelor blog for Entertainment Weekly, Chris Harrison writes about The Women Tell All....

Shawntel Newton's Return: "I was very happy that Shawntel came back to talk to me. She got very emotional while watching the video of what happened that night; she was really hurt by the things that were said about her. I’m very glad the women saw the error of their ways and for the most part backpedaled and apologized for their actions. I know she didn’t handle everything perfectly, but she didn’t deserve what she got and I’m happy she ended up getting the apologies she did deserve."

Courtney Robertson: "First of all, Courtney was scared to death and shaking like a leaf. I could feel and see how vulnerable she was. At first she was doing what I think was just an average job trying to convey what she wanted to say. But it was the second segment that I really want to get your thoughts on. There was a point when it seemed like all the women were yelling and attacking her at the same time. In that moment, she completely stopped and utterly broke down. Again, I’m not justifying anything, but one thing I noticed is that really, she’s a very fragile little girl. At that moment she just lost it and I felt like she was really speaking from the heart."

Here are some more behind-the-scenes from The Women Tell All. 

Chris Harrison was really sick during the taping.  He almost passed out during the taping. Of course, this was edited but if one of the women fainted during the show, it would have been aired. According to the LA Times blog, "Moments after Courtney came on stage and began crying, Chris took a break. It was a perplexing time for him to depart the stage, considering Courtney had just begun to get choked up, and I assumed he'd want to milk the emotion. When he didn't return after an hour, everyone began scratching their heads -- and then, suddenly, show creator Mike Fleiss came backstage to tell a handful of journalists that Chris had fallen ill. "He almost fainted," Fleiss explained. "He had to lie down and get an IV with fluids." Like a true professional, Chris eventually made it back to the stage to finish up, albeit with a pallid appearance."

The audience overheard a conversation between Courtney and a show producer. Apparently, they didn't realize their microphone was still on. According to the LA Times, this was their conversation “But I didn’t play with my hair once. Aren’t you proud?” she added. “Yes,” the producer replied. “That was good.” “I’m not feeling very emotional anymore,” she said, her tears dispersing. “You made me feel better. I appreciate it...“I don’t know if I can show that emotion again,” she fretted.“You have to,” the producer said. “This is for you and Ben.”

The three hour Bachelor finale airs Monday, March 12.

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