Emily Maynard Is the Next Bachelorette!

Emily Maynard Is the Next Bachelorette

People Magazine reports that "Emily Maynard, whose rocky engagement to Womack ended last summer was reluctant to appear on The Bachelorette because she didn't want to be away from her young daughter Ricki. But, a source says, the show is moving production to their hometown, Charlotte, N.C., to accommodate, Maynard, 25." The filming of the next Bachelorette has not yet begun.

Do you think Emily Maynard will be a good Bachelorette?


Anonymous said...

I'm Not a fan of Emily. Brad obviously made a mistake when he picked her, She is just to fickle.

Anonymous said...

I dont think she should be on the bachelorette. She had her chance on the bachelor and 'won' already. she should not of been on the show to begin with if she wasnt ready for love. she obviously wasnt over her ex and probably still is not. This is another recipe for disaster! Bring someone else on that hasn't already been given the promise of marriage on the show.

Anonymous said...

Ben made a bad mistake letting emily go i can,t stand courtnety she is a ?