Bachelorette's Bentley Bother "Not Over," Says Host Chris Harrison

The Bachelorette's newest bad boy, Bentley Williams, will be back. According to Chris Harrison's interview with Ryan Seacrest, the Bentley drama isn't over. Listen to the interview with Chris Harrison here!

The Bachelorette: Diary of the Departed

Chris D and Mask Man Jeff talk about going home last night on The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette Sneak Peek Episode 4!

The Bachelorette Sneak Peek Episode 4!

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 3


Chris Harrison's Bachelorette blog can be found weekly at!

Chris Harrison's thoughts about Bentley Williams: 
"Let me be very clear about my thoughts on Bentley and him leaving. I have no problem with him coming on the show. I have no problem with him coming on the show even if he was hoping our bachelorette was going to be Emily. You never know what can happen when you meet somebody. I also don’t have a problem with him deciding it was time to leave, that’s completely up to him. I also didn’t have a problem with him using his daughter as an excuse to leave and let Ashley down easy; that’s not the way I would have handled the situation, but so be it. My issue is he appears to have come on the show with bad intentions, and when he decided to leave, he messed with Ashley’s head by leading her on and letting her believe that there’s still a chance for them to be together. He knew Ashley had fallen for him, and instead of just leaving and letting her go he took one last inappropriate shot by ending it with that ridiculous “dot-dot-dot” garbage. Many have wondered why he was ever allowed on the show and how he was allowed to stay as long as he did. The simple answer is it was always up to Ashley. She made the decision to allow him on the show that first night. After Ashley received the texts warning her about Bentley, we offered her the option of not even having to meet the guy, but she decided to give him a shot. Every step of the way — despite warnings from producers, myself and others — Ashley stuck to her guns and believed in this guy. In Ashley’s defense she wasn’t privy to all the things Bentley said behind her back. Ashley made a deal with herself that this time around she would open herself up to be vulnerable and give herself every opportunity to find love. She just never figured there would be a guy like this who would take advantage of that in such a negative way. I’ve talked to her this week and I know she feels foolish for being taken advantage of, but she shouldn’t. Yes she made the decision to keep him around, but I understand why. You have to open yourself up to really make this work and that’s exactly what she did."  Read Chris Harrison's full Bachelorette blog here!

Bachelorette Blog: Ashley Hebert Betrayed by Bentley

Bachelorette Blog: Ashley Hebert Feels 'Betrayed' by Bentley 
Ashley Hebert's full Bachelorette blog can be found at! 

This week, Ashley blogs about Bentley Williams. "This episode was a huge turning point in my view of Bentley. Throughout the first two episodes, I was very surprised by the things he said, but a part of me still looked for the good in him, and wanted to, once again, give him the benefit of the doubt. After watching this episode, I can't help but feel betrayed, lied to, and made a fool of. I know many people wonder why I kept him around after the warning I got.

People may speculate I was attracted to the "bad boy," or maybe they thought I wanted what I couldn't have. The truth is that I always look for the good in people, and I saw that in him. I only knew what he showed me, and I felt it to be real at the time. I can tell you that from the bottom of my heart, I don't remember ever feeling this depth of hurt and embarrassment. Unfortunately, it's not the last you will see of Bentley." Read her full Bachelorette Blog here!

The Bachelorette Episode 3: Goodbye Bentley!

This week on The Bachelorette Week 3! 

1-on-1 Date: Ashley takes Ben C. to a private dance studio where she attempts to teach him a few quick dance steps. A little out of his element, Ben C. manages to keep up, but that afternoon she takes him to an open air mall. As the couple practice their dance moves right there in public, hundreds of strangers join in behind them in a very large flash mob.

Group Date: When Ashley arrives at the mansion to pick up 10 men for a special group date, Jeff, the man in the mask, decides the time has come to finally reveal his face to the Bachelorette. Then it's off to the Comedy Store where roast master general Jeffrey Ross explains to the guys that they will participate in a roast - of Ashley - in front of a packed house. Some of the men are reticent about making jokes at Ashley's expense, but William decides to go for it, with disastrous results, bringing the

The Bachelorette Ashley Episode 3 Bentley Sneak Preview

Chris Harrison Answers Questions about Bentley

Chris Harrison: Bentley Made Ashley Feel Foolish

Monday's episode of The Bachelorette is said to be 'very shocking' as Bentley Williams makes a dramatic exit. In this NEW interview with People Magazine, Chris Harrison answers questions about Bentley's exit. 

People Magazine: Why didn't producers warn Ashley?
Chris Harrison: If you have information about a guy before he even gets out of the limo, that's beyond a red flag. We gave her the option and said, "You don't have to meet this guy. We can pull him." We justify everything by giving Ashley the power. It was her job to say no. We don't step in and say, "That's the wrong decision." We never do. She was privy to some of the information. I had many conversations with her about this and so did the producers but she defended him every step of the way. She never heeded any of the warning signs.

Did she see footage of him saying all those nasty things?
We were only two weeks in and ... I don't know what steps we would have taken if this had gone on any longer or if we would have finally just shown her his interviews. Everyone has had a friend in this situation. If you've ever known anyone completely smitten with someone, you know that nothing you say makes sense or [makes a] difference. She just didn't want to believe that Bentley was like that because he was the caring, sweet, doting single dad in front of her. The more you scream from the rooftops, the more they run to them and defend them. 

How does Ashley feel now?
Foolish. If she had to do it all over again, she'd probably never let the guy out of the limo. But it happened, and you get to see everything – warts and all ...This is a real woman battling with her insecurities and figuring out if she can put herself back out there again. Read the full interview here!


Chris Harrison reveals to ET that villainous contestant Bentley departs "The Bachelorette" in next Monday's episode in such dramatic fashion that it leaves Ashley Herbert heartbroken.

NEW Interview with The Bachelorette!

Interview with Chris Harrison!

Via Chris Harrison's interview with TV Guide!

TV Guide: I have nothing to say other than the word, Bentley. 
Chris Harrison:
I want to start off by defending Ashley and let people know that A) she was infatuated, and B) she wasn't privy to everything. She didn't see or hear Bentley say, "Yeah I'll let her tickle my pickle," the really derogatory stuff. In that same vein, did she have enough information? Yes. It was just so weird how infatuated she was with him from the moment he got out of the limo. It was like she was going to change the bad boy or prove to us that he's not the bad guy we all thought he was.

How's Ashley feeling about everything?
Harrison: I talked to Ashley the other night and she's upset and feels like a fool. But we've all been there, we've been duped by a girlfriend or boyfriend or treated like crap and ... we can all put ourselves in Ashley's shoes where you wanted to believe in someone and they absolutely pulled the rug out from under you.

Will Bentley be back for the Men Tell All?
Ashley was like, "There's no way in hell he's coming to the Men Tell All," but I hope he does because that's my chance and my turf. I'd like to have a few words and make him explain himself.

Check out the full interview at