Bachelor's Vienna: Gia "Would Have Been the Best Bachelorette"

According to US Weekly, Vienna would have wanted Gia to become the next bachelorette. See more details here.


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Anonymous said...

Gia would have been a much better choice for Bachelorette. Ali was so immature the whole show. I was so disappointed she was picked for the next Bachelorette. Being rewarded for her inappropriate behavior. She was controlling and unkind. Picking on Vienna at every turn obviously due to jealousy. And that dramatic childish behavior when she chose to leave. I mean come on. Make up your mind... back and forth like you were 5 years old. Grow up! And making Jake help her with her feelings when she was dumping him. Who does that? She's embarrassing and it's telling about our culture that people side with her and make her behavior ok!