Michael Stagliano Engaged to Emily Tuchscherer!!!

Congratulations to former Bachelor contestant, Michael Stagliano, on his engagement!  He recently got engaged to girlfriend, Emily Tuchscherer. Who is  Emily Tuchscherer and how did they meet? Emily is a banker who lives in Chicago and the two met at one of Michael's shows. 

Michael tells Wetpaint Entertainment of how they met, "I played a show in Chicago and Emily had some friends who brought her along and I had all my friends there and when I got done playing my set they had all met up and she just came up right to me and said, hey, do you want to get drinks with me afterwards?  And there was just something about her right away that I loved so I said yeah and then I went down to a wedding the next day further down in Illinois and I came back up the following day and I was like, I would just love to see you again so we hung out and that was the start of things." 

Michael Stagliano hasn't been that lucky in love. He went on the Bachelor and fell for Jillian Harris (who dumped him), then he met Holly Durst (who dumped him and married Blake Julian). On Bachelor Pad, he had some fun with Rachel Truehart but her feelings were stronger than his (leading to some very awkward on-camera moments). Then, former Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas married his twin brother, Stephen. Got that all straight?

 Anyways, congratulations to Michael Stagliano and Emily Tuchscherer on your engagement!


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I'm so happy and they are the sweetest couple. Michael found someone so much better for him.