Chris Harrison Blogs Week 4!

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It’s been a full wild week of fallout from the Bentley exit. Many fans and “publications” have offered opinions and theories about what went down and why. Every interview I do these days begins and usually ends with Bentley. As you all know now this isn’t over and he will return. We had already decided to start traveling this week, but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I think after what went down all of us needed a fresh start and a change of scenery.
One of my favorite parts about hosting this show is being able to announce to people that they will be packing their bags and heading somewhere exotic. Telling the guys we were heading to Phuket, Thailand was one of those occasions. They were blown away and extremely excited to be heading to Asia. This season was easily the rainiest season we’ve ever had from start to finish. It rained more than usual while we were shooting in Los Angeles, and as you saw the weather was less than cooperative in Phuket. Read the full bachelorette blog here!

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