Chris Harrison blogs Episode 6

The Bachelor's contestant Michelle pushes Brad Womack to the edge as she 'scares him' with her possessive behaviour

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This week, Chris Harrison writes about the Michelle controversy and why Brad might have gave her a rose...

"Let’s deal a little bit with Michelle. She is easily the most talked about woman this season and the woman I get asked the most about. Up to this point she has been very careful about how she’s been playing Brad, but this week he started to see through that. For the first time, Brad seemed less intrigued and turned on by her and more confused and even a little frustrated. As for her late night visit, Michelle waited until all the other girls had gone to sleep before she quietly snuck out. Again the entire property was ours so it wasn’t difficult for her to find his place, which was just above their suite...." Read Chris Harrison's full Bachelor Blog here!

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