Rated R Justin Rego posts his official statement!!

Rated R Justin Rego might not have attended the Bachelorette: Men Tell All and he wants to explain why. Rated R will be posting an official statement later TODAY. Check back today to read his official statement about The Men Tell All!


Fathia Absie said...

The way Ryan was dismissed by Ashley was very cruel and hurtful. She could have done it much better. Seeing Ryan cry and be crushed like that truly hurt my heart cuz he is just an incredible human being. Him an Ames are the most two well rounded guys there and I know she will not pick Ames either because she doesn't want a true thing. As most of the individuals that become contestants in this show do, she will pick up the person who she is least comparable with so that they can easily break up. It's a shame that someone like Ryan who's got it all would have to come to a sleazy show like this to find love. Well, he has cost himself a harm now and it's too late so he should be the next Bachelor because I have a feeling that he means well and will pick the right person. Be well Ryan and be grateful that you didn't end up with her. She deserves someone like Bentley!

Fathia Absie said...

As for Emily, I would hate to accuse anyone, but she doesn't seem forthcoming. I believe she is the one who left Brad and she probably black mailed him to not say anything so that she will come across so heartbroken and be the next Bachelorette. It was obvious that's what she wanted to do the very last night he was making his final decision when she tried to persuade him from picking her. It's sad really, because Brad can't say anything since America profiled him already as someone who's got issues and no matter what he says, he is will look like the bad guy. I don't think he has any more issues than most people. In fact, I think Brad was the only honest person that came to the show because the truth is, just because you have 25 amazing individuals to choose from, doesn't guarantee you'll find your soul mate among them. I hope Brad will find the love he wants at last. America, we should be less judgmental and not be so taken by the obvious. If Emily is for real, she will not want to be the next bacheloratte because the media she is so complaining about will not stop following her the next time either. Not to mention the fact that she is only 25 years old and has a child already. She has no reason to rush to anything let alone looking for love on TV. I don't thing that is setting a good example for her child. I am a single mother of a 6 year old and I can say this for sure.

At any rate, people should come to shows like this for the rite reasons and not as an Audition for their next career since there are real feelings involve. Please lets not be selfish and hurt each other like that because life is short and we are only passing through.

Peace and love!