The Bachelor Women Tell All: Michelle Cried Every Minute

"I don't need a therapist, Elizabeth. I don't. I have a job. Just talk to my friends." Michelle says.

The Bachelor's Michelle Kujawa will probably go down in history as the most intense 'in bachelor history.' Michelle cried every minute, she stated her feelings every time she saw Jake, cried again and then got sent home before the rose ceremony. Michelle was the most determined to get married and 'shed more tears than anyone else on the show.' Gia even said that next time she finds love, she wants to be more like intense Michelle.

Chris Harrison tells Michelle that she seems angry and Michelle doesn't believe that you can find love on the Bachelor. Ali is quick to say that she likes Michelle but tells her that she 'did fall in love.' Michelle says that she did have a great time on the show. Really?

photos from ABC

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