The Bachelor Women Tell All: Rozlyn claims that everyone else is lying

Boy, during the heated Bachelor Women Tell All, Rozlyn and Chris Harrison duke it out! Chris Harrison looked very uncomfortable without a script. Rozlyn gave many low blows to Chris including accusing Chris of flirting with the producer's wife in New Zealand and cheating on his own wife. Ouch!

Rozlyn to Chris Harrison - "I'm sorry you're having such a hard time understanding. What are you confused about?"

On The Bachelor: Women Tell All, Rozlyn Papa tells her side of the story of the 'inappropriate relationship.' Chris Harrison asks Rozlyn 'what is the truth?' Rozlyn admits that the friendship with the producer began in her hometown, and nothing physical happened at all. The girls say something very different. Jesse said that she saw Rozlyn kissing and Ella said that she saw something happen between Rozlyn and the producer. Ella and Rozlyn yell back and forward and Ella had no reason to lie. Jesse swears on her dog's life while Rozlyn swears on her son's life.

Rozlyn gets mad at Chris Harrison because 'there was no camera crew to call her son.' Ella called her son everyday but Rozlyn's ex-husband didn't sign the release to allow her son on camera.

It sounds like Rozlyn isn't quite telling the truth.

If you haven't heard Rozlyn's radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, it's worth checking out! Rozlyn and Chris Harrison duke it out!


Dana said...

Jessie told TV Guide she didn't see anything between Rozlyn and the guy.
Ella told TV Guide she saw them being friendly but nothing out of the ordinary.

Dana said...

Oh, pardon me. The Ella interview was in People.