The Bachelor finale is the WORST kept secret in bachelor history!

Six things we noticed in last night's episode of The Bachelor: Episode 7

(1) Why in the world did Jake stick his sunglasses on the back of his shirt (at the beginning of Gia's date)?

(2) At the beginning of Gia's date, she snuck up behind him. Jake responded "You surprised me. I didn't know you were coming." Really Jake? Isn't that why you were there? You would think the camera crew would have told you that you're waiting for Gia's date.

(3) Jake asked Vienna "What kind of rings do you like?" He never asked the other girls this question. To which Vienna responds giggling "A princess cut."

(4) Vienna keeps calling Jake "sweetheart" which is a little bothersome.

(5) ABC showed a clip of The Bachelor Finale and both girls appeared crushed at the final rose ceremony. Vienna looked like it could be tears of happiness and Chris Harrison has already said that the bachelor "ending will SHOCK fans!" Worst kept secret in bachelor history!

(6) Why did Ali call Jake from a hotel room if she was back home? She first called Jake from the bed in a white robe and then after the call ended was shown wearing a green tank top sitting on a kitchen floor.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Jake chooses Vienna. Their connection seems down-to-earth and natural - as if there is great physical attraction, but with a comfort level that they can be themselves and have fun, and trust.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. It's nice to have someone like Vienna for a change. This show ruined her reputation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he won't pick either one??? Maybe that is the secret.

Deborah said...

6 word response:

(1) Dunno
(2) Ditto
(3) Dweeb
(4) Dottie
(5) Duh!
(6) Dunce