Two left on "Bachelor," but are they any good?

Full re-cap found here!

And then there were two. Jake Pavelka sent home Gia on last night’s episode of “The Bachelor,” and now we are left with a finale between Tenly and Vienna — a finale that no matter what the ending won’t be the right one.

Last night’s episode fell flat — way flat. So flat, in fact, it was a battle to peel myself from the pavement and continue to watch the monotony that this show has become. Each date moved in slow motion, the conversation lacked any substance, and the whole time I was waiting for something, anything, to happen. I don’t know why, or if it is just me, but I feel this season is completely devoid of any personal attachment. I honestly don’t care what happens to any of these people at this point. I saw something with Jake and Ali, but after her departure last week all I can see are bland faces and romances that are a far cry from a love story. It’s like the producers of this show don’t even know that the love story is why people watch the show. Only concerned with drama and deceit, this season has left no anticipation for a happy ending. None. Not anymore. More bachelor re-cap here.

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