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“Well … that’s a wrap! I will keep this post short and sweet as I have an eager man waiting for me and wanting to get OUT IN PUBLIC together … FINALLY! I have been waiting for this day since May 24th — the day that I can openly tell you how madly in love I am, how happy I am and how excited I am for the future.

A wise man once said, “Love, it don’t come easy” — and that is so true. I can honestly say that I have found my best friend but it didn’t come without consequences. Aside from all the crying, surprises, drama, public criticism and most importantly, hurting two incredible men that I will never forget — please understand that it broke my heart as much as theirs — I never imagined in a million years that I would have to let two men go that I love so dearly, and have it hurt so so much in order to be with the man that I am wanting to spend the rest of my life with.

Reid and Kiptyn are both unbelievable men. Some will have opinions of why maybe I should have picked one or the other instead of Ed. Some will see why Ed was perfect for me from the beginning. I embrace ALL of your opinions. I can see why you would all think ALL three of these men would be great for me. For those who want to congratulate my happiness … THANK YOU!!! We are both EXTREMELY happy (still) and truly it gets better and better every day we are together.

The “After the Final Rose” was not easy. Not for me, and not for Reid or Kiptyn I’m sure. I felt like there was no right way to deal with the situation. I have always been very close with my exes but have never had to confront them in a setting like this before so I was definitely hurting. There are so many fabulous memories and so many sensitive ones. All I can say is that I am lucky — lucky to have been loved by these men and lucky to be with one right now that thinks the world of me.

As I type this, we are off to our FIRST outing in public, hopefully just wings and beer! I am so excited and so eager to get my normal little life back. Ed and I have spent the summer together (every two weeks for five days at a time) and it truly does keep on getting better and better. We have so much fun together, know one another so well and find ourselves so comfortable with each other. We have learned so much about one another and I am loving every minute of it.

Oh wait — someone’s stealing my computer!

Ed here! I cannot believe the journey that we have experienced over the last few months. But we are having a blast and could not be happier. I want to thank everyone for their support and cheering us on. Jilly and I have been spending so much time together and have an incredible summer planned. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU … for believing in Jilly and supporting her throughout this. She means the world to me and I promise I will take good care of her. We are ready for a wicked life together!


Well, I better get going. Mr. Invisible is waiting patiently. Love you ALL, thank you soooo much!!!! I would not have gotten through this without all of your support.




Anonymous said...

After the Rose was the best ever! And you guys just make me smile. I am going to miss watching you so much! Fellow Canadian and so proud of Jill for her spark and tender heart and for making this the best season to watch. Be happy! Be blessed!
God is good!

Anonymous said...

Loved you together last night more than any episode. You really seem happy, so prove all the nay sayers wrong and keep it up forever!! :)

Anonymous said...

Jillian - you are an awesome Canadian gal and you made us Canucks so proud! My hubby and I were rooting for Ed from the start. You both deserve much happiness and I think your down-to-earth attitude and strong friendship is a great approach to marriage. Have your parents met Ed's yet? I think that will be a great foursome! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Jilly -
You made the right choice! I picked Ed for you from the start. I was upset when he left and thrilled with his return. Your clothes are fabulous. Ed, I don't know what the fuss was about your green bathing shorts! Best of luck to you both. A "live" wedding on ABC would be perfect!! May your love grow forever!

bethp said...

Wow! I could hardly wait for the next episode and now it is over for us. I am so happy for the two of you. You seem so right for each other. I hope we get to keep up on you all somehow - I would love to just see some wedding pictures and a picture of you all and your family down the road. You all will not be forgotten. Thank you Jillian for sharing this experience with us. I wish I could meet you in person - you are a remarkable person and would be such a great friend to have - Ed you are so very fortunate and Jillian likewise is so fortunate for finding her best friend - who could ask for anything more. Thank you - I will miss seeing you all. God's blessings for your future.

Anonymous said...

Jillian and Ed, we are so happy for you both! Ed, you were my favorite all along. You can tell that you two are truly happy and having a great time. Just remember, never go to be mad. Life is to short. Keep us posted...we are huge fans.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jillian and Ed! Enjoy Chicago, it is a beautiful city! So happy for the both of you. It's strange how as a viewer..I got sucked into this show and am genuinely happy for you guy's! Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Guys, your love story has restored my faith in the Bachelorette/Bachelor, which I was about to give up on after last season! Jillian, I am amazed at how you could start with 30 guys and cull the herd to the BEST three! Well done, Dear One. Ed is adorable and just perfect for you. And Ed, I know you will take good care of her. Have a happy life together!

Deb said...

Just want to wish you two every happiness as you begin your lives together. I loved you and Ed together from the beginning and this is only the only season since Trista and Ryan that I am happy with the results. You have been the most real and fun bachlorette or bachlor in all the seasons and I will miss seeing you and Ed every week . Hopefully you won't forget us completely and we will give us the honor in sharing in your special day in the future. Being a successful couple in the real world is not easy but just remember if you love each other any and all things are possible together. Again love and best wishes as you start your next chapter.
Deb C.

Anonymous said...


You are such an inspiration. Loved your look,
clothes, personality, demeanor. You are one
classy lady.

I wanted you to pick Reid. He's just adorable.
Even love him in glasses. You are a smart
lady, so I know if you picked Ed, then he was
the right one for you.

I'd like to see Reid or Jake as the next bachelor.

p.s. Please tell everyone to stop giving
that singing cowboy anymore Tv time. Even
just his name or mention of his song. He was
a class A jerk.

Good luck to you and Ed. I hope the wedding
will be on TV. I loved watching this love
story unfold.

gayle from cleveland, Ohio

bemyguest said...

Hi Ed, can you please persuade your dear Jilly to set up a twitter account.
Congrats on your journey together. Do hurry and get married. I also wish you would be another 'Trista & Ryan'. For a beautiful couple, you two will have some beautiful kids! Ed says three!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jillian -
You and Ed looked genuinely happy on After the Final Rose, Good Morning America and Regis & Kelly. PLEASE, please, please -- be a Bachelorette success story.

PS--I found it unnecessary to have the 'non-performance' issue included in the Bachelorette, but then I guess it makes for good hype!

Anonymous said...

Jillian & Ed,

CONGRATS!!! This is the first season I've ever watched of the Bachelor/ette and I don't know if subsequent seasons can draw me in like Jillian's quest for love. My husband and I watched the finale on Monday and I had tears streaming down my face when Ed proposed (that was really smooth, Ed!). We wish you the very best. Take care of each other!


P.S. I was rooting for Ed all along... :)

Anonymous said...

Ed & Jillian - Love you both! Much love & happiness. God bless you and keep you in his care. Oh how I will miss watching you on Mondays!

Ashley said...

I must say..i was a Reid fan myself haha but i liked all three of the guys in the end and i could tell on after the final rose that you two are truly happy and that you made the right decision for yourself! I think you are such a cute girl and i wish you and Ed all the luck in the world!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill (and Ed!) Karyn from Ottawa again...just want to say congrats to you both- wishing you both years of love and laughter together. Ignore the BS that will float your way, focus on the goal....finding love. Enjoy your adventure and move to Chicago...but don't lose your Canadian humor! We're going to miss you! Harper ole boy send his congrats btw...lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed and Jill ---

I am Ed's second cousin Marge. Your dad Rick and I are cousins and Rick's dad and my mom are brother and sister. We are the part of the Swiderski clan who lived in New York for many years and then my mom moved to Florida and by then Kathy, Barbara and I had all gone on to marriages and moves to other states. My mom (who Rick, Margie and Juanita probably refer to as Aunt Margie) stopped calling Rick shortly after the show got going since it was too hard to talk to him without trying to pry!

I have to tell you that even that first night when I saw you two just sitting together talking I saw the magic ... I really did! And I've been watching everything since then. I especially liked the scene in Spain where you walked under the "tunnel of love" together. I think that said it all and I guess that's why ABC didn't show it till After the Final Rose. P.S. I hope you punched Anderson Cooper in the nose after the interview. I guess he was in his "investigative reporter" role and thought he had a right to ask invasive questions. It was bad taste on his part but I think you guys recovered well.

Although I never met Ed and our families haven't really stayed in touch (except my mom was always close to her brother Eddie and JoAnn and Rick and the girls) I am hoping for a Trista/Ryan type wedding that will be big enough to include even the extended family. It's weird but I feel like I know Ed because he really seems like a Swiderski to me!

Since this was your last blog you may not read this but I hope you do. Me, my sisters and my mom wish you guys all the best and perhaps some day our paths will cross. Love, Marge in NC

Anonymous said...

In all of my 34 years (Ha), I have never posted anything on the internet before. But because I am absolutely in love with you and Ed, I feel compelled to. Congratulations to two beautiful people who deserve all the happiness in the world. Jillian, you are absolutely precious and Ed, I LOVE THE SHORTS!! I am depressed now that you are no longer on television, as I eagerly awaited my Monday nights after long days in the operating room.
Thanks for showing America how true love still exists and how it is possible to find your true sole mate. Best wishes to you both!! I miss yall already!!! ha ha

J Hill Lafayette, La

Brianna said...

Jill, you are great! You are such a beautiful, kind, out-going, smart, funny person!! I enjoyed watching you on the Bachelorette. You have such a big heart. It was sad to see you sad at certain times. And I definitely approve of Ed! I believe you two will have a great life together:) Like Ed said to your mom, honesty and love are most important in keeping a relationship together. Humility is key too. You two are great, and I wish you both the best!! =D

Anonymous said...

I must say that since the beggininng, I wanted Kiptyn, but know I am really starting to like Ed and Jill together! I hope that you have your wedding on tv, but if you don't it could be for personal reasons.
I just want to say,

Jill: Nice pick. You have yourself a great guy and I hope you guys stay strong and enjoy Ed!!! :)

Ed: Thanks for coming back :) you made a lot of people happy. Keep going strong and keep your faith held high and you and Jill will have an amazing future.

You'll have beautiful kids!!!

Congrats again!
My love for Jill and Ed!

Anonymous said...

This was the 2nd best Bachelorette show ever next to Trista and Ryan. You sure can pick 'em. Yep, I had them from the start and I sorta was rootin for Reid and Kyptn over Ed, but I'm sure Ed was very sincere in capturing your love. May you both work at this relationship together 100% and put God in the center of that relationship and you'll see how much more your love for each other will grow. You will be blessed beyond measure. May God bless you both. Best of everything in the future (wedding bells soon?)