'The Bachelor' Catherine's Father Speaks Out!

Catherine and her sisters, Monica and India
Last week on The Bachelor, Catherine Giudici, revealed to Sean about her dysfunctional relationship with her father. In response, her father, Carey Giudici, posted this comment on his Facebook page:

"Waiting at the airport for a day trip to Hong Kong an hour ago, I got an email from Catherine apologizing in advance for some things she says about me on today's Bachelor. Not sure what she said, but if it prompts anyone to unfriend or judge me I will understand. After telling her that I surely deserve what she said and more, I reminded her that what makes viewers more supportive of her is fine with me. Now everyone can see just what a strong beautiful soul she really is (of course the same goes for (her sisters) Monica Teal and India). A couple of years ago I told them that I accept full responsibility for what they went through because I wasn't there when they needed me. Anything else she mentions tonight is small potatoes. As a Buddhist, I welcome personal hardships as chances to burn off bad karma picked up in a previous life. Another reason to celebrate tonight's episode is that it's sure to draw me and my unbelievable daughters closer together. Thank you for continuing to support the three of them. Take care and be kind to someone today for me." 

What do you think of Catherine's father's response?

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Anonymous said...

That is the essence of Buddhism. Law of karma states that what you sow is what you reap and we are fully responsible for our own speech, thought and actions. We go thru billions of rebirth before we purify 100 percent of our mind...the forerunner of all our speech, thought and actions. if one is a good Muslim, Christian,Jew, etc, he is also a good Buddhist.
Carey, I applaud you to be so humble and to realize your own defilements , accept your situation and accept changes (everything is impermanent until one attains enlightenment) and now, doing everything to cultivate more good karmic merits to set off bad ones and to accumulate more for future.Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu to you for your strong determination in your practice.
I also applaud your daughter , Catherine for being such a forgiving person and full of compassion , great virtues to be upheld. life is to go forward , be compassionate, do not cling to anger, hatred and jealousy and delusions and even success and glory and anxiety as all is impermanent. Hardly any would be like her and your other daughters if put in same situation these days Sean is very fortunate to have found a rare gem.. Would like to share more Buddhism with you, Carey.