Jason and Molly Mesnick Introduce their new Baby Girl, Riley!

Bachelornation has been waiting for photos of Jason and Molly's new baby, Riley Anne Mesnick. In the latest edition of People Magazine, the Mesnick's share photos of their baby girl. “Riley has totally taken over this house,” Molly, 29, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “She has clothes and toys and gadgets literally everywhere.”

Did Molly have an easy labor and delivery? Jason explains“I was kind of helping hold one of Molly’s legs up as the baby was being delivered and I couldn’t see the area where you would make the call whether it was a boy or girl...All I saw was her butt and the doctor was asking me to call out whether it was a boy or a girl and all I could say was, ‘I can’t tell!’ [I said,] ‘Flip him or her over!’ And then I saw and we had a beautiful girl.”

Riley Anne Mesnick was born in March. For more photos of the Mesnick baby, check out People Magazine!

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Anonymous said...

Riley is beautiful and this couple is very happy I think. Now leave them alone so they can just live their lives in peace.