Who will Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock choose? Just ask her Brother!

Desiree's outspoken brother, Nate
Remember Nate Hartsock? He was the manipulative brother of Desiree Hartsock who gave Sean Lowe a hard time during their hometown date. When the Bachelorette returns in May, we are bound to see (and hear) more from Nate!

If you follow him on Twitter, you can already read a rambling of tweets that may help Bachelor sleuths figure out who Desiree chooses in the end. Here's what he had to say.

 @nate_hartsock83 Since people keep asking..I called @seanlowe09 a playboy because I felt he was lying to me about being a virgin

@nate_hartsock83  all guys (Desiree) ever dated were tall, blonde or dirty blonde or had lt. brown hair. Her high school sweetheart was a linebacker too

@nate_hartsock83 That's why she Loved Sean so much...she probably ends up choosing a Sean look a like, lol

@nate_hartsock83  Had this dream that Des got a new boyfriend. He was tall, blonde and w/ a tat. It'll be funny if that is who she chose on #thebachelorette

Will Nate Hartsock sabotage Desiree's relationships? Tune into the premiere of The Bachelorette Monday, May 27th on ABC!

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Jeanne said...

I believe Des is capable of choosing the right person herself without Nate's input. Stay out of her affairs!!