Sean Lowe: Why I sent AshLee Home!

Why did Sean Lowe send sweet AshLee Frazier home? In his NEW blog for People Magazine, the Bachelor reveals the real reason why he sent AshLee packing.

"I was excited for my date with AshLee for so many reasons. It had been almost ten days since seeing her in Houston and I missed her. AshLee was a front runner from the very first night. She seemed to have everything that I was looking for – and I think she was the best for me on paper. However, I was definitely aware that I didn't seem to laugh as much with AshLee as I did with Lindsay and Catherine. AshLee was always very intense and I had to decide if I could be with someone who didn't share my sense of humor...All I wanted to do was console her and give her closure and talk it out. But I could tell that she wanted to leave my side as quickly as she could. Who was I to try and stop her? It was agonizing"

Read Sean Lowe's full Bachelor blog at People Magazine! 

Do you think Sean made the right decision to send AshLee home? Should AshLee become the next Bachelorette?

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