'Reality Steve" Women Tell All Spoilers

The Bachelor, Women Tell All, was taped on February 22 which means that Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve, has shared his spoilers with us! According to Reality Steve.com, here is what happened on the Women Tell All (and yes, Tierra was at the Women Tell All!).

  • Tierra takes the hot seat! The girls have it out with Tierra and Robyn is not accepting her apology. "Tierra was brought out (on stage) and took heat from essentially all the women. Of course, Tierra did what I figured she’d do which was go on the defensive not blaming anything on herself. The women attacked her and there was drama, as you would expect. Tierra did NOT come with her fiance" but she did confirm that she got engaged in January. Tierra and Sean do not speak to one another on the show. 
  • Sean Lowe admits that Desiree’s brother, Nate, did play a role in her departure. He also admits that he didn't see Desiree as his wife.
  • AshLee and Sean have a heart-to-heart. AshLee takes the hot seat and speaks to Chris Harrison. Bachelor spoiler: Something happens between AshLee and Sean in Thailand that brings her to tears. 

The Bachelor: Women Tell All airs March 4 on ABC (8 p.m.).

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