Bachelor Contestants: Catching up with Robyn Howard!

Robyn Howard: Where is she now?
What happened to Bachelor contestants after the show? Many of them find love or quickly get engaged (right Tierra?). What happened to some of your favorite Bachelor contestants after the show?

Robyn Howard was the pretty 24 year old, Oil Field Account Manager from Houston. It seemed like Sean was interested in Robyn but eventually sent her home on episode five. What happened to Robyn since coming on the Bachelor? Here's what she had to say in this recent article...

Her friend signed her up for the Bachelor because she was "the only single person at her job... and got the call while she was at cheerleading practice." Robyn goes on to say, "It was weird to have a camera in your face, so I held back...You get a feeling of relief (when you leave) because you're away from your family and friends. I'm glad to be back, but if something were to come about like hosting a TV show, of course, I'd try it out."

Apparently Robyn is still looking for love but is hopeful about her future. You can catch Robyn on The Bachelor, Women Tell All, airing in March.

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