Jillian Harris "Yes, I had Plastic Surgery"

Jillian Harris
We love former Bachelorette, Jillian Harris. She is the beautiful and quirky brunette who fell in love (and out of love) with Ed Swiderski. Now, she is happily dating Justin Pasutto and busy with her television show (Love It or List It, Vancouver). In this NEW interview with Jillian, she explains why she decided to have a nose job. Here's what she says:

WetPaint Entertainment: What inspired you to go “under the knife” as they say?
Jillian Harris: Well, I had had my nose broken before years ago and my mom said a few times that my nose was different than it had been, and I guess I was just used to it and so it didn’t really bother me. And then sadly, actually, when I was going through my breakup with Ed Swiderski. I was really sad and was reading someone’s blog and this person was really nasty and was posting really mean comments about my nose.

What do you say to fans or critics who say that you do look a lot different than when you were on the Bachelorette?
Jillian Harris: I do realize I look different. Ever since I have been in this industry, I have been taking incredible care of my skin. I get microdermabrasion every three months, I do my makeup differently... I do think I look a lot different than I did when I was on the show. I was a little bit chubbier when I was on it, I wasn’t as lean, so my face looked a little bit wider. My eyebrows were shaped differently, my nose was different... I understand it.

Would Jillian ever do plastic surgery again? "I’ve never had any other plastic surgery done, no. No, I have no plans," Jillian Harris says. "Maybe when I’m 40, I’ll reanalyze the situation. But for now, I’m happy."


Anonymous said...

She looks fantastic. I always thought she was pretty and stylish, but she is even more beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought her nose made her interesting. She's pretty before and after. But now she's also pretty "normal" looking, which I kinda think is boring. But if it makes her happy, then great for her.

Anonymous said...

I liked her REAL nose much better. Agree, it made her more interesting instead of the cookie cutter look of a plastic surgeon. Too bad she couldn't accept herself.

Wuntun said...

Her new nose isn't a drastic change from her old one. Not like your typical pointy little one with no nostrils. I think the Dr. did a great job. She looks even more prettier than ever with her new style. Way to go Jillian. I love you!

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I say BS to old stand story "i broke my nose and I was just putting it back how it was." Yeah, right, Do you think anyone actually believes that? I didn"t even recognize her - it is a profound change. And if her Aunt and Uncle didn't notice, they've obviously not seen her for years and years (or, more likely, they were just saying that as they tried to push their eyes back in their heads!)

ooze said...

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Anonymous said...

She also appears to have had orthognathic/jaw surgery. The same that Bristol Palin had. They both look great!

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