Emily Maynard's NEW Style Blog

The Bachelorette's, Emily Maynard, doesn't have the winter blahs! Check out her NEW blog here!
Here's what the former Bachelorette had to say about some of her favorite items.

 "So, starting tomorrow I'm going to try my absolute best to avoid just putting on workout clothes everyday, especially on days I have absolutely no plans of even looking in the direction of a gym much less going inside. That's not to say I'm going to be wearing heels and have perfectly curled hair everyday because that's just putting far too much pressure on myself. Maybe instead of throwing on the first comfy thing I see in my closet, I'll pair a cute skirt with tights, flat boots and throw on a fun statement necklace. And on days I can't see past my uniform of black leggings and black sweater, would it really kill me to wrap a bright colored scarf around my neck as I'm running out the door?" -Emily Maynard 

What are some of Emily's favorite things: 
  • Towne & Reese Harlow Necklace
  • Towne & Reese Gemma Earrings
  • Forever 21 Floral Print Denim Skinnies
  • Express Zelda Colored Jean Legging

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