Are Holly Durst and Blake Julian having a Baby?

Bachelor Pad couple, Holly Durst and Blake Julian, are happily married after appearing on the show. The two married last year in a beautiful ceremony. But is this Bachelor Pad couple having babies anytime soon? Holly took to Twitter to dispell pregnancy rumors.

Holly Durst Tweets: "Many of you asked if Blake and I will be having babies in the near future. Well... As much as we are excited to have a family, we are going to try and wait at least until next year! We love our life and are really enjoying just the two of us... well 3 of us if we want to include our sweet little girl, Molar Bear. She is a handful and definitely preparing us for being parents!"

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We look forward to hearing some pregnancy news in her near future. Is former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas expecting a baby? DeAnna, who recently married Stephen Stagliano, says not yet either!  

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