Chris Harrison Bachelorette Blog Episode 7

In his new Blog post for Entertainment Weekly, Chris Harrison talks about the Bachelorette, Episode 7. Here's what he writes.

About Arie's date with Emily 
"Arie got the first date and they spent the day strolling around old town Prague. One of the things I enjoyed the most was wandering the streets and eating food from the many street vendors, but hot wine was not high on the list for me. I want to talk a little bit about the Arie situation and his relationship with our producer Cassie. I feel like we handled this situation well. Was the story big enough that it needed to be touched on? Yes. But was it a huge scandal? No. So I think we did a good job of showing you the truth about what happened and how it absolutely didn’t affect Emily and Arie’s relationship whatsoever. Later that night during the date, Arie was the first man to tell Emily he’s in love with her and by the look on her face, she was happy to hear it. The fireworks display over the Charles Bridge was one of the most incredible backdrops we’ve used to light up the sky around the world. Fireworks — they’ve kind of become a tradition for us."

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About Jef's date with Emily 
"Jef’s date was very simple but amazing at the same time. The two of them bought marionettes and made their way to an old historic library in Prague. The scene the two of them acted out was very interesting. It’s like they were able to say everything they ever wanted to say to each other by talking through these marionettes. This brings up a very good question: If someone says they love you through a puppet, does it really count? I ask because after that Jef would only tell Emily to her face that he really liked her. Either way, I think Emily took it to heart, and has taken Jef into her heart as well."