'Bachelorette Season 8' Interview with Chris Harrison!

In this NEW interview with the Bachelorette's, (hunky) Chris Harrison, and TV Guide, he talks about Alessandro's comments and what happens next week in Bermuda.

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What were you thinking when Alessandro told Emily her daughter would be a "compromise" for him?
Chris Harrison: 
"I'm just shocked that at this point, with the classes we took in kindergarten, that guys are still saying idiotic things like that out loud. I was in the control room and we're watching this going, "What are you doing? Just say you made a mistake. She's giving you the out!" It was so bizarre to watch this guy hang himself tighter and tighter. I don't think Emily wanted to send him home, but he kept going and finally she was like, "You're too dumb for your own good." Everything he could've said wrong, he did. "

TV Guide: Next week, the group heads to Bermuda. What can you preview?
"These relationships are definitely taking off and the guys know Arie and her have something special, which ratchets up the competitiveness. That regatta on the group date gets rough. Those guys fight for their lives to get some time with her."