'Bachelorette' Chris Harrison's Blog Episode 3

Emily Maynard and Arie, The Bachelorette. Photo ABC
Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison, blogs about episode 3 for Entertainment Weekly. Here's what he writes this week...

Emily Maynard and Chris' date: "Emily and Chris hit it off immediately and had great chemistry. By the time they got to the Luke Bryan concert (which was awesome, by the way) it was like they had been dating for months. Chris got the first real, legitimate kiss from Emily, but how it happened is very interesting and brings up a recurring theme this season. The guys are so thoughtful of Emily and the fact that she’s a single mom that they’re almost too respectful, if that’s possible. Emily was sending signal after signal for Chris to go for it but he ended up waiting ’til the end of the concert and at that point he still asked her for permission. In the end he got the kiss and definitely got Emily’s interest. The date couldn’t have gone much better."

On Tony: "Tony was mentally and emotionally done. I thought it was cool how Doug tried to reach him as a dad and Emily tried as well, but his heart just wasn’t in this and she saw that.  The funny thing was that Emily was being so kind to him and so careful of his feelings you almost couldn’t tell that she was sending him home. I was worried he wasn’t going to get the message, but in the end he did, and rightfully went home to his son."

 On bad boy Kalon: "Kalon has been a lightning rod for attention from the start but up to this point he’s been stirring it up with the guys and never with Emily. Tonight, though, Kalon was talking a mile a minute and not listening at all to Emily. He started out with this little gem, telling Emily “I’ve never had to share much in my life.” Then, when Emily had the audacity to try and speak during this conversation he told her, “I love it when you talk but I wish you’d let me finish.” Emily put it best when she said later, “I like tall, skinny, and funny. I don’t like tall, skinny, and condescending.”