Ben Flajnik's Bachelor Blog: Hometown Dates

We know what you're thinking... BEN FLAJNIK, WHY DID YOU SEND KACIE B HOME AND KEEP COURTNEY? Ben continues to puzzle Bachelor fans and in his new blog post for People Magazine, he explains his actions.

Here's what he writes: 

Kacie B.'s hometown date: "The evening was difficult for me. Kacie's family was really nice and welcoming, but every time I had a conversation with one of her family members, I felt like I was disappointing them. Kacie was raised with more traditional values than I was and I felt like that would get between us in regards to her family. I thought about it so much that it started getting in the way of my feelings growing stronger for her.... My decision to send Kacie home wasn't an easy one. I still had feelings for her, but I did make a promise to her father that if I didn't see it going much further that I would end it sooner than later to not hurt her as much. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Kacie, but ultimately it was the right decision, as hard as it was." You can read Ben Flajnik's full Bachelor blog at,,20572135,00.html

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