Bachelor: Chris Harrison Blogs about Hometown Dates

In his NEW blog posting, The Bachelor's Chris Harrison talks hometown dates and Ben's relationship with Courtney. Here's what he had to say:

Meeting Nicki Sterling's Family: "Ben later rolled into Fort Worth, Texas, to see Nicki. After a day of making Texas look like a big redneck cliché, they got down to business and met Nicki’s family. Nicki’s family is incredibly loving. It was amazing to see Nicki’s dad tear up and apologize for letting her down in her prior relationship. Nicki is fortunate to have such an amazing dad, and it’s easy to see why she turned out to be the type of woman she is. It was because of this strength at home that Nicki was able to open up to Ben at the end of their date and let him know that she’s in love with him. Nicki has definitely been the dark horse this season but she has quickly become a front-runner in Ben’s heart."

The mock wedding with Courtney Robertson: "Now, onto one of the most awkward things I’ve watched in quite some time, the mock wedding. Beyond how strange it was to hold a faux wedding, it really showed an interesting side of Courtney. She definitely opened up to Ben and expressed her love to him, but it was very hard and uncomfortable for her. She had trouble reading her vows and it seemed like it was really hard for her to spit it out. The most important thing though is her relationship with Ben."

Sending Kacie B. home: "Ben comes from a very different world than Kacie does and this wasn’t a good fit for him or her. Kacie’s departure was easily one of the most emotional we’ve seen in a while. We’ve all gotten to know and love her so much, so it was tough to see her so confused and brokenhearted. I’m sure, upon reflection, Kacie can now see the great divide that was between them, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt."

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Anonymous said...

Chris,I am still really struggling with Courtney, everything out of her mouth is I,I,I or ME,ME,ME, I also do not think she redeemed herself, I think she and Ben deserve each other because of the way they have behaved and sorry to say this, Ben will be single after a short period of time. Thanks