The Bachelor: Monica Spannbauer's Stepmom Speaks out!

After watching one episode of The Bachelor, Monica Spannbauer's stepmom doesn't like how her daughter is being portrayed on television. After being flirtation and stirring up trouble with Jenna Burke, Monica is not off to a lasting start.

"Monica’s stepmother Sherry Ekberg exclusively tells Star magazine that Monica's not gay or bisexual...herry told Star exclusively that the show’s producers “really like to keep [the contestants] intoxicated, so anything can happen at that point ... they keep them a little looped up.” According to Sherry, Monica wasn't "too pleased" about the way the show's producers made her look on Monday's season premiere."

Who is The Bachelor's Monica Spannbauer?  

Age: 33

Occupation: Dental Consultant

Hometown: Yuba City, CA

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you bring with you and why?
Lip gloss - can't go without it
Endless Supply of Pina Coladas
The love of my life

What is your favorite hoiday and why?
St Patty's Day - must be the Irish in me. Or the great beer, food, and fun gatherings.

What U.S. city is the most romantic to you and why?
San Antonio Texas - the river walk streets lined with lights and a canal following the walkways, great food, culture...Done!

Tattoo Count: 4

Wrist, ankle/heel, stomach, back

Do you consider yourself romantic and why?
Total hopeless romantic. I prefer to be tough but it's the sweet simple (romantic) gestures that get me.

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