The Bachelor Season 16: Interview with Amber Tierney

Photo Source: ABC 

The Bachelor's, Ben Flajnik, eliminated Amber Tierney after the first rose ceremony. In this new interview with the rejected bachelorette, here's what Amber had to say:

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RealityWanted: A lot of the girls were going all out to try to get Ben's attention. Did anyone's behavior stand out to you in particular? 
Amber: I didn't see a lot of what went on between Jenna and Monica. I was pretty shocked that she was a little emotionally unstable. But it's a really long night of shooting and everyone's tired. Emotions can definitely be a little more exaggerated in that situation.

 RealityWanted: What was the girls' take on Jenna?
A. Amber: I honestly did not see everything that happened in the situation when I was there. Personally, I kind of thought she was a little bit of a hot mess. She got a little emotional, like I said, but it was a long night and everyone's tired. Drinking is involved and she had a couple too many drinks as well.

Who is Amber Tierney?
"Bachelorette Amber T., 29, a critical care nurse from Waverly, NE, made an immediate impression, as the shotgun enthusiast and tomboy-at-heart and her grandfather munched on beef nuts - er, cowballs -- in her introduction. Amber T. remarked how she would make sure Ben visited to eat them as well. But that time would never come. As if the night were not filled with enough drama, Amber T. ended her brief stay on "The Bachelor," slowly dissolving into tears after Ben let her go. She admitted that she was skeptical of the whole process at first and probably, given the level of competition among the women, could have been more assertive. But after saying that her family always told her to do things for other people, she thought this would finally be a time to do something for herself. That thought was her cracking point, as she ended up breaking down crying with her back to the camera, sobbing "What did I do wrong?"


Anonymous said...

She seemed to be a very cool woman, despite eating cow balls. Ben's loss...

Anonymous said...

she deserves it since she flirts with anybody even with man who are married.