Ben Flajnik's Bachelor Blog - Week 1

Ben Flajnik's Bachelor blog can be found each week at PEOPLE. Here's what Ben had to say about the first night.

"My conversations that night were really heartfelt. The women seemed to open up to me early on and that was incredible. They kept telling me how I was giving them a "calming" feeling, but I think they were all doing the same for me. The majority of women were on their best behavior and it made my night much easier than expected....I particularly remember my conversation with Nicki being very natural. It was moments such as this one where I found myself thinking that being the
Bachelor was the right decision and I was going to have fun with it.

Speaking of fun, Sheryl the grandma was also a highlight of my night. I am close with my grandma and found it to be very endearing that Brittany would bring hers along. I also really enjoyed talking to Rachel and Courtney. They both seemed like they had good families back home, and had experienced life a bit more than some of the other women."  Read his full blog post at!

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