The Bachelor: Interview with Ben Flajnik!

Ben Flajnik finally speaks! In this new ABC media interview with Ben Flajnik, the Bachelor talks about the new season and (maybe) finding love on TV. 
Did you find love?
Ben Flajnik: I can't tell you that.  But I'm happy with my decision in doing the show.

Can you talk about maybe your favorite date of the season?
Ben Flajnik: I can't reveal too much.  (All the dates) are over the top and outlandish.  But I found the dates to be the most normal to be my favorite.  You know, the almost - closest to everyday kind of life.

Were you really in love with Ashley Hebert (during The Bachelorette)? 
Ben Flajnik: No. I had genuine feelings for Ashley. I worked through a lot of stuff on my own.  I think that my self-discovery was something I didn't expect.  And Ashley was there for support and to help me get kind of through all that.

Could you describe what you were feeling that first night when the limo pulled up?
Ben Flajnik: Normally,  I'm very cool, calm, and collected.  When that first limo pulled up,, I felt sheer panic and terror kind of set in...It's nerve wracking on both sides.

What qualities are you looking for in a woman? 
Ben Flajnik: It's important for me to be with someone who's well rounded, cultured, and inflexible,  and not someone that is so used to routine.
Did you date actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (after Ashley dumped you)? 
Ben Flajnik: Yes, I mean, Jennifer Love Hewitt had reached out.  And wanted to come up to the winery with some of her friends, which she did.  So my business partners and I showed her around the winery.  And she tasted some wines.  And we went out to dinner and just kind of chatted. 
Are happy with the outcome? 
Ben Flajnik: I can't tell you that.  I'm happy with the experience.  I'm happy that I decided to become The Bachelor again.

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