Bachelor Pad: Interview with Chris Harrison!

In this NEW interview with Chris Harrison and TV Guide, Harrison talks about all the drama on Bachelor Pad.

What was it like standing there as Blake and Holly kissed?
Harrison: The vantage point of staring at Blake and then looking at Michael was incredibly uncomfortable. I have to give Blake some credit because the guy has stones the size of bowling balls for pulling all of this while Michael is right there. He's either the craziest guy in the world or the bravest guy in the world.

When are we going to see more of Graham and Michelle's relationship?
Graham and Michelle are being very sly and are really careful not to throw their relationship in everybody's face and cause a stir with it because it makes you a target. They haven't let their emotions and the fact that they're into each other cloud their judgment or cloud their game. Read the full interview with Chris Harrison here!

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