Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' episode 5


Chris Harrison's Bachelor Pad Blog via! 

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed hosting this week’s challenge. I loved The Newlywed Game and admire Bob Eubanks’ hosting skills. Oddly enough over the last couple of years I’ve had the honor of getting to know Mr. Eubanks, and have enjoyed our talks about TV and hosting shows. Who knows — some day soon I might even host a game show. Heading into the competition, I really thought Holly and Michael and Kasey and Vienna would have a huge advantage considering they had relationships heading into this game. I was wrong… again. The king and queen of the house, Michelle and Graham, devised an incredibly smart strategy and played it pretty much to perfection. They assigned numbers and names as answers to specific categories of questions, so no matter what the question they would always have the correct answer. It was funny to watch as the other contestants slowly caught on. I was just personally glad to know that Graham did not lose his virginity at seven years old... Read Chris Harrison's full blog post here!

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