The Bachelorette Finale Sneak Peek - Ashley's sister doesn't choose J.P.!

The Bachelorette finale and After the Rose Special air next week. Does Ashley Hebert pick J.P. (the rumored winner) or Ben F? Is Ashley Hebert engaged? Here is a sneak peek!

"The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose," MONDAY, AUGUST 1 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET).

J.P. meets Ashley's family: When J.P. first arrives to meet Ashley's family at the Vomo Island Resort and Spa, he appears to make a great first impression. However, Ashley's sister, Chrystie, whose opinion she has always valued, lets her know that she doesn't see this man as the one for her.  The drama erupts as the two sisters confront one another in a sensational fight. Ashley is stunned by her sister's frank assessment and seeks solace from her brother. Meanwhile, Chrystie offers J.P. a litany of things that she finds troubling about any future relationship he might be planning with her sister. He is shocked by this quick appraisal.

Ashley's sister Chrystie "J.P. is not the one for you"- The following day, Ashley's attempts to clear the air with her sister fail and fireworks start again - especially when Chrystie drops the bomb that she saw more chemistry between her sister and Brad than Ashley and J.P. Another heated verbal sparring session ensues while Ashley worries how her family will receive Ben F.  But when this amiable bachelor arrives, he immediately charms everyone with his carefree attitude and sense of humor. Even Chrystie is happy to see Ashley be herself around Ben F., which will only make her decision ever harder.

Ashley's final date with Ben- Ashley is now down to her "last chance" dates with the final two men to bring some clarity to the situation. She and Ben F. soar in a helicopter over the Fijian seascape, landing near some natural hot springs where the couple spend a steamy time together. Later, the date turns serious when the emotional Ben F. finally completely opens up to Ashley and admits that he loves her. This outpouring of emotion has a definite effect on Ashley.

Ashley's final date with J.P. - The next day, Ashley and J.P. meet and the distressed bachelor is still reeling from Chrystie's harsh judgment of him. He begs Ashley not to let her sister's opinion influence her decision, but Ashley is determined to make sure that the man she picks is right both for her head and heart. Desperate to convince her that he is the one for her, J.P. admits he's falling madly in love with her. He even surprises her with a special gift that night as they snuggle.

The two remaining men are:
Ben F., 28, winemaker from Sonoma, CA
J.P., 34, construction manager from New York, NY


Anonymous said...

Something tells me that Ashleys sister just might be jealous of her and JP. ANYBODY who sees them together knows that they have an insane amount of chemistry, that trumps any chemistry she may have had with Brad. What her sister says is laughable. Stop being jealous Chrystie. Yes your beautiful sister has found a hot, sexy man who is successful and madly in love with her!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Ashley's sister appears to be insanely jealous of Ashley, and doesn't even know JP or trying to give him a chance. Ashley needs to go with her heart.

Anonymous said...

I googled 'is ashley's sister jealous' because I wanted to see if anyone else noticed it, its making me sOOOooo angry because I can totally picture the family dynamic-ashley is the beautiful successful intelligent younger sister and her older sister is jealous of aLL of that and so rebels to be as opposite and different of ashley as possible...nasty skin covered in tatoos, dyed stale black hair..... And to top it off: HER SISTER IS TRYING TO MAKE THIS ALL ABOUT HER !!!! she wanted to turn her '5 minutes of fame' to a ridiculously dramatic Lifetime movie all about wahhh wahhh baby older sister is protecting her little sister from herself, wahh wahh...HER SISTER THINKS THAT SUCH A HOT-LOOKING, ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES OLDER MAN SHOULD BE WITH HER, not her little princess sister. Dude kristi, there's a reason yOUR STILL SINGLE!!!!!!