Bachelorette Men Tell All Sneak Peek!

The Bachelorette Men Tell All will air at a special time on Sunday, July 31 on ABC. 

The Bachelorette Men Tell All Sneak Peek - Will Bentley Williams return? 
"The Men Tell All" -- "It's an explosive reunion viewers won't want to miss, as the most memorable bachelors from this season - including Constantine, Ryan P, Ames, Mickey, William and Jeff "The Mask" -- return to confront each other and Ashley one last time on national television to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. The men will discuss the difficulty of competing for Ashley and focus on the most controversial bachelor of the season - Bentley. William and Ben C. have a heated face-off about their dramatic two-on-one date and its aftermath. Ryan P. shares how he has changed since being on the show; and Ames, the bachelor who charmed America, explains his tactics for winning Ashley's heart. Finally, Ashley offers her very frank assessment about her experience on the series, remembering the good and bad times.

Bentley Williams is a no show: Although one of the guys on everyone's lips this season - Bentley - has chosen not to attend, that didn't stop the rest of the men from discussing his shocking behavior and treatment of Ashley. Chris talks to Michelle Money about her warning to Ashley to stay away from Bentley because she had learned he wasn't interested in her, and that it was more a game to him.

William takes the hot seat: But no discussion is more emotionally charged than when William is questioned about the moment he convinced Ashley to send Ben C. home. The men - not to mention Ben C. -- are skeptical of William's story that the reason he told Ashley that Ben C. was looking forward to Internet dating when he got home was only to protect the Bachelorette. When William takes the hot seat, he can barely stand the heat. He can't even look at the footage being played of his time on the show. And when a clip of his infamous comedy roast of Ashley is played, he can't bear to hear it.

Ryan Park takes the hot seat to talk about his prickly relationship with the other guys. He, too, struggles to watch his emotional exit from the show. It was all too real when Ashley sent him home. Ryan admits the journey changed him - for the better. And then Ames, the unique and intellectual bachelor who fell hard for Ashley, steps into the spotlight. He explains that he took things slowly because he wanted his relationship with Ashley to last forever. Ames also looks back at his Muay Thai boxing date, which sent him to the hospital. 

Former Bachelors Return! Ali Fedotowsky, DeAnna Pappas and Jason Mesnick share with Ashley their thoughts about what she went through this season as she struggled with Bentley. 

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