Chris Harrison Answers Questions about Bentley

Chris Harrison: Bentley Made Ashley Feel Foolish

Monday's episode of The Bachelorette is said to be 'very shocking' as Bentley Williams makes a dramatic exit. In this NEW interview with People Magazine, Chris Harrison answers questions about Bentley's exit. 

People Magazine: Why didn't producers warn Ashley?
Chris Harrison: If you have information about a guy before he even gets out of the limo, that's beyond a red flag. We gave her the option and said, "You don't have to meet this guy. We can pull him." We justify everything by giving Ashley the power. It was her job to say no. We don't step in and say, "That's the wrong decision." We never do. She was privy to some of the information. I had many conversations with her about this and so did the producers but she defended him every step of the way. She never heeded any of the warning signs.

Did she see footage of him saying all those nasty things?
We were only two weeks in and ... I don't know what steps we would have taken if this had gone on any longer or if we would have finally just shown her his interviews. Everyone has had a friend in this situation. If you've ever known anyone completely smitten with someone, you know that nothing you say makes sense or [makes a] difference. She just didn't want to believe that Bentley was like that because he was the caring, sweet, doting single dad in front of her. The more you scream from the rooftops, the more they run to them and defend them. 

How does Ashley feel now?
Foolish. If she had to do it all over again, she'd probably never let the guy out of the limo. But it happened, and you get to see everything – warts and all ...This is a real woman battling with her insecurities and figuring out if she can put herself back out there again. Read the full interview here!


Anonymous said...

Yet the producers had no problem booting Rozyln Papa for "not being in it for the right reasons"... She allegedly flirted with a member of the crew and was villified, tossed off the show while filming, and further ostracized in the press. The producers kicked her off -- they did not give Bachelor Jake the "choice" to keep her.

In this case, the producers allowed a sadistic contestant to toy with the bachelorrete in several cruel, cringe-worthy peformances across many episodes where he made a mockery of the show's premise. Not being "in it for the right reasons" was the least of Bentley's offenses, yet the show let it slide, clearly to set up Ashley for the fall of her life (and ratings). Chris Harrison is being transparently insincere in this interview, at minimum.

Anonymous said...

In all the years I have watched this show, this had to be the lowest moment where producers shamelessly capitalize on and hide behind the "this is reality will shall not interfere" code of silence.

I actually watched with my hand over my mouth for the entire 3rd episode. The man is a sick sociopath. I have never seen it so plainly out in the open. Glib, charming, narcissistic (in this vein the producers' way of getting a punch in was by brilliantly showing Bentley twirl little strands of his hair into mussed-up perfection as the masked Jeff sat on the can beside him reading auto trader), playing all for fools.

Sociopaths feel entitled and that they can get away with anything. They are often CEOs and Politicians as their ego, ruthless drive and slick charm get them places faster and higher than mere "mortals". These people have a very strong "God complex". Not to play any side of the political spectrum let me mention Weiner and Schwarzenegger in the same breath as prime examples in the last few weeks alone. My favorite entitled man of the moment would have to be Dominique Strauss Kahn. The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is in the trail of blood the latter leaves behind him.

I was surprised the show did not intervene and show her clips of the evil game Bentley was playing with relish. I think it borders on the unconscionable. Ashley is a lot more insecure than other contestants and therefore more susceptible to be preyed upon by man of Bentley's ilk. I only watched the end in the hopes there would be a psychological intervention of some sort. Brad was a pretty smart man to have his therapist written into the show last year. Here we have a woman and no one is coming to help. It was twisted and I feel twisted and responsible for watching.

Cozy said...

I am in total agreement with these last 2 posts. Where is everyone else? This is an outrage. How sexist and such a huge double standard considering what happened with Rozlyn. The producers, staff and ABC should be ashamed of allowing this kind of sadistic emotional abuse. I, along with many friends have finally closed the door on this show. Ashley was the perfect victim. She is an emotionally immature girl lacking in self esteem. You all knew this. I hope she sues you. I am planing to boycott the sponsors and will encourage others to do so. Shame on the lot of you!

Kathleen, Surrey BC Canada said...

I have watched every season of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I have always defended the premise of the show as being "real". However, with Ashley's season and the whole Bentley and masked man debaucle I must say I now realize it's all fixed and totally about ratings. It was deplorable that he would talk like that about her to the producers...and there she is pining. How disgraceful. So...I have come to the conclusion that it's all about ratings and getting us to talk and watch. It's not real. Shame on the producers for being so obvious about it.
Kathleen, Surrey BC Canada

Anonymous said...

Of course it is fixed, it is televison....IT IS THERE FOR ENTERTAINMENT........ They are all growen adults who agreed to be on the show, soooooo if you think it is going to be a love story of the year, perhaps you all need to go rent a disney movie. I hear Cinderella is a good one:)