Jonathan Novack Blogs about ABC's Bachelor Pad Finale!

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Jonathan says of the Bachelor Pad finale "the next competition is ball room dancing. Elizabeth doesn't like to dance...or do most things that make people happy. Tenley is Twinkle Toes, but Kiptyn has two left feet. And Dave looks like he could lift the ballroom before he could dance in it.
But if anyone can whip them into shape it's the instructors from Dancing with the Stars. Elizabeth wants Kovacs to keep his eye on the prize. Prize apparently means the instructor's body to Kovacs. I still don't know if Elizabeth is in love with him or just infatuated. As for Dave, he isn't afraid to get in touch with his feminine side, which can bench press 250. He and Natalie kick it up a notch when they find out the dance is basically like having sex. It'd probably be better for Kiptyn if Tenley could just dance by herself, but he's working hard." Read his full Bachelor Pad posting here!

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