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Chris writes, "Now that season one of Bachelor Pad is complete, I can tell you the things I was a bit surprised by (aside from Wes and Gia’s romance, that is). From day one, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize Kiptyn and Tenley were extremely powerful and had to be dealt with. I was surprised week after week how they managed to slide by. Honestly, I thought they would be gone a long time ago because they’re so nice and so good that you wouldn’t possibly want to run into them in the finals. But once they made it to the final three couples, I thought this game was over and that they were a sure bet. I was thrown a curve ball when the cast kicked them to the curb and chose Dave and Natalie to advance to the final round. Another thing I was constantly amazed by was the fact that the “outsiders” had the strategy and the numbers but never took down the “power couples.” After the studio show, I now realize that despite the fact that they had the numbers and the strategy, they didn’t have the unity to pull it off. One thing the “cool kids” had was a solid team that stuck together to the bitter end. Even after it was over, the “outsiders” were still bickering about what happened and whose fault it was. I was also slightly surprised at how pissed off Michelle still was at Tenley. With that said, I do agree with Michelle that she got screwed over by Tenley, but Tenley realizes this, and I truly think she feels bad about what she did. In the end, it came back to bite her and Kiptyn in the butt, and that was part of what got them voted out of the game..."  Read Harrison's full Bachelor Pad blog post here!

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Anonymous said...

Chris, you need a vacation if you think michelle was out of line. Tenley f----d her out of the money, a possible love, and her chances on the show. Tenley through her Disney character viciousness destroyed an innocent person. I would be livid too. michelle didn't have a chance after a rumor like that. I would have been MORE angry than she was. Many women here in NYC would be. Tenley is a amoral and the other word rhymes with witch. and kiptyn is perfect for her: a liar as he was with peyton. Michelle gets Kudos from me. As for Gia, I hope you realize she has deleted ninety percent of the comments of people who despise her weakness of character and conniving personality. she had complaint after complaint about herself and then she deleted all bad things and then left the good things up. Please tell ABC that nobody likes a bubble headed idiot like her. Thanks Chris. Also, can you make Craig the next Bachelor? thanks.