The Bachelorette: Why Reality Steve was Wrong

If you read the Bachelor Blog,, you will know that Reality Steve typically gives away the Bachelor endings. He was correct about Jason Mesnick's season and told everyone early on that Jake Pavelka was going to pick Vienna Girardi as his bride.

During the Ali Fedotowsky season, Reality Steve blogged that Ali picked no one in the end. The Bachelorette pulled a Brad Womack and left the show single. WRONG! Steve later posted a message on his blog saying his unnamed sources at ABC gave him false information....

You know this 'shocking ending' and 'something we've never seen before in the finale' they've been talking about? They were never talking about the actual outcome of the show--an engagement, single, dating, etc. What they're talking about is Chris Lambton never makes it to the final rose ceremony. Hence the reason we've never seen footage of Roberto and/or Chris at the final rose ceremony standing there with Ali. They never had any footage of Chris, so if they only showed Roberto there with her, that would've given it away. Ali tells Chris during their last chance date that Roberto is the one she's in love with. She doesn't want to hurt him by having him go through all the pomp and circumstance of walking up there, possibly proposing, yada yada yada, so she eliminates him right then and there, and Chris is never part of the final rose ceremony. She basically puts all her eggs in one basket in hopes that Roberto reciprocates her feelings. That's the 'risk' she is talking about.

The rest is where it gets tricky. They're going to make it seem like Roberto is indecisive, he doesn't know what to do, he's not sure of his feelings for Ali, etc. Basically all these 'doom and gloom' promos ABC has been running the last week making you think it's such a horrible ending for every party involved. However, in the end, Ali and Roberto are together, they are happy, and they are planning a life together--whatever that means. They left Bora Bora an engaged couple and are still together right now. I am sorry for reporting for the last month she was single."

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